How to Flip $700 Dollars: 10 Absolutely Realistic Ways with No BS

How to Flip $700 Dollars

If you want to learn how to flip $700 dollars, then this is your article. 

Flipping $700 dollars isn’t impossible. 

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It’s in fact one of the feasible things you can do right now if you already have $700 dollars. 

It’s feasible. 

Not easy. 

So, you might find some of the tips on this page challenging; the purpose isn’t to ease your pain but to make you more money in the long run. 

Right off, here are 10 realistic ways to flip $700 dollars. 

How to Flip $700 Dollars: 10 Absolutely Realistic Ways with No BS. 

1. Binary options trading. 

One of the realest ways to flip $700 dollars is to trade binary options. 

It’s not easy, but with a $700 dollar capital to trade, you can make even more in the long run. 

Or short run if you’re desperate. 

Firstly, there’s a need to learn about binary options. It’s not for starters, and you might end up losing your $700 bucks instead of flipping it. 

Anything’s possible in the binary options market. 

After you’re done learning, then you can begin trading. 

Develop a daily profit threshold. 

When you hit it, you stop trading. 

For example, you can stop trading after hitting $10 dollars a day in profit. 

In 30 days (and assuming you encounter zero losses, which is not very realistic), that’d be a profit of $300 dollars. 

So, it’ll take you 70 days to make an extra $700 dollars from what you already have. 

But then if you gauge a higher daily profit threshold of $20 dollars, it’ll take you half 70 days (which is 35 days) to hit an extra $700 profit. 

Based on your trading skills, you’d be able to make more or less every day from trading the binary options market. 

2. Horse betting. 

Betting on horses can make you money. 

It’s not 100% guaranteed like the binary options trading, but it’s even more risky because you watch while things unfold. 

You don’t make things happen. 

You just bet and watch what the outcome turns out to be. 

In horse racing, you can flip $700 dollars and make even more money. 

This would mean betting with $700 bucks not to make back what you stake in, but to make more. 

Maybe 5× or 10× your stake. 

There’s no two ways around this and you can subscribe to this idea if you want to desperately flip money. 

3. Stake on sports. 

Same as betting on horses, but you’ll be staking on sports games. 

If you get lucky, you win. 

If you don’t get lucky, you lose. 

Sports betting is one of the surest ways to flip $700 dollars. 

In the real world, we have more losers and less winners. 

It’s more like 93% losers and 7% winners. 

You could win or lose, and what you know about the game or sport you’re looking to stake on will determine your probability to emerge a winner or a loser with your bets. 

Again, this is a one-time one-shot method to flip $700 dollars. 

It’s not a 100% guaranteed strategy. 

4. Trade crypto. 

Crypto trading is similar to binary options trading. 

But they’re different financial markets due to the difference in the instruments traded

It’s one of the ways on how to flip $700 for sure, and you can do this simply by learning to trade.

Even if you decide to cash in $5 every single day, you’re going to make much more money from the crypto market in the long run. 

Your aim should be to average a profit of $5/day though. 

There’s room to make more. In crypto, there’s futures trading

You’re not trading the futures here. 

You’re just trading a market with features to apply more risk towards winning more money or losing more.  

5. Promote your services. 

Regardless of what you’re good at, you’re going to get people to work with you if you dare to promote your services on social media using your $700 bucks. 

Maybe not all of the money. 

But just some part of it. 

Like $300 dollars. 

If you’ll be doing this, your profile (on social media) has to be high quality with a robust portfolio of the gigs you’ve done before now. 

A robust and competent portfolio makes it easy to woo clients to work with you. 

So, if you’re into digital marketing or programming, have a portfolio of jobs you’ve done perfectly before. 

6. Promote products you own. 

If you’re not into promoting services, you can promote your own products instead like a course you own. 

Or other kinds of products depending on what your gig is. 

This would be easier if you had an audience online already. 

For example, if you were a social media influencer or a brand influencer in a particular niche, you’d be able to make more sales quickly. 

It’s one way to flip $700 dollars because you’ll be promoting your products (or your course) with part of the entire $700 bucks. 

If it’s a product for the general public without having to do with a niche, then you can get random sales, but in tidbits. 

If your product appeals to a particular set of people, then you can promote it to reach them and expect more sales. 

With a pricing of $20 dollars, you only need 100 people to make $2,000 dollars (which is way over the money you’re looking to flip) – you provide value and get paid simultaneously.

7. Scale affiliate products. 

If you don’t have your own products and you don’t want to undergo the work of creating an outstanding product or a set of products, then you can promote affiliate products for a higher ROI

Affiliate products are other brand’s and people’s products. 

When you become an affiliate marketer, you become an official marketer for the products with a genuine URL for the brand or owners to track sales coming through you. 

Basically, affiliate marketers make money whenever people buy the affiliate products that they promote. 

So, you can become an affiliate marketer for a niche product and put some money off the $700 bucks to promote them. 

You’re going to get sales if your sales copies are smooth and really captivating. 

8. Flip items online. 

The concept of flipping items online is buying cheap offline at thrift stores  and selling moderately online. 

So, you can spend $700 dollars to get some products off the thrift store. 

And then you list them online for sale with a slightly or moderately higher price. 

You’ll be making profit off your sales for sure. 

The challenge here is getting the right products to flip online for profit. 

Get to understand the routine of flipping items online

It pays. 

It’s surely one of the (less risky) ways to flip $700 dollars. 

For example, you can buy a shirt at $5 and resell it at $15 online. 

That’s a net of $10 dollars. 

To get cheap and good products to flip online, you can check out thrift stores and garage sales. 

You’ll also find these products in junkyards, church rummages and you can also go dumpster diving if you can (to find these products that are good and sellable for free). 

Once you have them, you can resell them online on websites like Amazon, Depop, Etsy, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, ThredUp, Poshmark and whatnot. 

9. Do Amazon FBA.

You can try Amazon FBA with $700 dollars and get a nice return on your investment. 

But this can never happen by chance. 

You’d have to learn about Amazon FBA and how it works. 

The overview is that Amazon FBA is a business model to assist retailers and wholesalers with selling more of their products for profit. 

Even if you’re not a retailer or wholesaler, you can buy products in bulk cheaply and sell them moderately per unit. 

The challenge here is similar to flipping items online; you need to find the right products to win the Amazon FBA game

If you don’t, you’ll realize you’re losing money instead of making a profit. 

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10. Try traffic arbitrage. 

This is what I’d like to call AdSense arbitrage because it makes more profit working with AdSense. 

Traffic arbitrage means buying traffic to a website or a blog (or weblog) that’s already monetized with Google AdSense. 

You get the right niche for a higher cash per click on the ads on your blog, and you also need to buy good cheap traffic so that you’re spending less on buying traffic and earning more from the traffic activity on your blog (or website or weblog). 

There’s a learning curve to AdSense arbitrage. 

And while it’s one of the ways to flip $700 dollars, you can do it over and over again until you get a working pattern that prints money lifelong for you. 

How to Flip $700 Dollars: 10 Absolutely Realistic Ways with No BS – Final Words. 

Flipping $700 dollars is feasible once you already have the money in hand. 

You can make more money with it, and some of the valid ways to make this happen include trying traffic arbitrage, Amazon FBA, horse betting (which doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome 90% of the time), sports staking, trading binary options, your personal services promotion, affiliate products promotion, crypto trading, and affiliate products promotion.

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