How to Make $50 Dollars in 10 Minutes: 8 No BS Methods to Explore

You’re on this page right now because you’re interested in learning how to make $50 dollars in 10 minutes. You can make this happen in a one-time shot, and you can also make $50 dollars in 10 minutes passively and consistently. On this blog post, you’ll get to learn about the different ways that this is possible. In a day, we’ve got about 1,440 minutes. If you’re making $50 bucks every 10 minutes, then that’s about $7,200 dollars in a day. 

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And $216,000 dollars every month (if you’re going to make this passively). You’ve got gotta be financially endowed to some extent to make this work. Here are some methods to try out. 

How to Make $50 Dollars in 10 Minutes: 8 No BS Methods to Explore. 

1. Ask for it from friends. 

In just a few minutes, you can get around $50 bucks from your friends if you ask them. There’s no guarantee that this will work however, but if you have good friends who are givers, then it should work. Asking isn’t a bad idea. You ask when you want something, and there’s no place where it’s ridiculous to ask for something if you want it. Who knows, you could get more than $50 dollars in 10 minutes if you ask several of your friends. 

This, and other reasons, is why you should make good friends and keep a lot of rich people as friends. Fifty dollars isn’t a lot of money. And even if there’s nothing you want to do with it, just have the kind of friends that can give you money when you ask. It’s beneficial. 

2. Open an investment account for stock trading. 

Another way for you to make $50 dollars in 10 minutes is for you to open a stock trading account. Yes, if you’re good at trading the stock market, then you’ll be able to make this happen. Stocks represent the value of companies, top companies, in the world. So, you can own a small percentage of these companies when you buy their stocks. This doesn’t mean you’ll attend board meetings and regularly get calls from the founders. No. It means you have a small part of the company as a stockholder. 

So, whenever the value of the company appreciates or whenever they happen to make a positive move, their stock price appreciates, making your investment a good one. If you bought a $3,000 dollar worth of Netflix stock at $338 dollars (the current price at the time of this writing), this means you have 8.8 units. If the stock appreciates to $430 bucks per unit, you still have 8.8 units but you’ll have a profit of $784 dollars. 

Stuff like this can happen in 10 minutes if you’re a stockholder (who doesn’t trade) or you can trade the stock market to make it happen. Stock trading is a more intentional approach towards making $50 dollars in 10 minutes. 

3. Trade Forex. 

Just like the stock market, the forex market deals with currencies of the world. It’s the most heavily traded market in the world and a lot of traders have become millionaires from trading the forex market. 

It’s not that simple to get started, but it’s not something that you can’t learn. Forex trading is one way to make quick money. It’s still a way to lose money if you’re approaching it aggressively from the standpoint and knowledge gauge of a newbie. Learning to trade the forex market is paramount to successful trading, and yes, you can make $50 in 10 minutes (or less, or more) by trading forex. 

4. Crypto trading. 

Perhaps this is my favorite online market to trade. Crypto is a very volatile financial market, and you can make tons of money off trading it. With the help of a demo account, any newbie can transition from beginner to expert with time. 

There’s no need to rush as you’re definitely going to end up losing a bunch of money. There are two ways to make money off the crypto market. You can decide to trade it, or invest long-term in it. To make $50 dollars in 10 minutes, you’re better off trading than investing for long term gains. 

5. Stake a sports bet. 

Sports betting is what I’d like to call a 50/50 option. But it’s worse. It’s actually a 20/80 option. This means you have a 20% chance of winning and a 80% chance of losing. 

If you know the game you’re staking on and you have some knowledge about their records and capacity, it’ll help make a better staking decision. If you stake based on your instincts, you’ll most likely be disappointed. Sports betting isn’t legal in some states and cities in the US, but people still cash in on the opportunity to win on their predictions when they bet in the States and cities where sports betting isn’t illegal

6. Bet on poker at the bar. 

Betting is a no-no for me. But you can make money from doing it. It’s not forbidden, but it’s not illegal too in many cities of the United States. 

So, you can bet at casinos and make money off your stake if you’re good. And one of the top games people play at the casino include poker. With enough expertise in playing this game, you can hit a win in less than 10 minutes. The catch is, you’ll be betting too. So, you stand a chance to not just win, but to lose. 

7. Borrow it from friends or family. 

If asking your friends for $50 doesn’t work, then you can borrow it from them. More people are willing to borrow you with the assurance of getting it back than to give it to you as a gift. It’s better to have more gifting friends than borrowing friends though. 

So, you can borrow $50 dollars from your friends, colleagues, or your parents. And if you’re serious, I don’t see how the conversation will exceed 10 minutes. At the end of the day, even if it exceeds 10 minutes, it’s not a challenge. What really matters is that you’re getting $50 because you asked. 

8. List your expensive stuff for $50 online. 

You’re going to get quick sales if you put something that’s worth $400 dollars at the rate of $50 bucks online. People will rush to contact you. I’m not going to be specific about the items that you can put online for sale, you know what expensive items you have and I’m 100% certain that you’re not ready to do something like this (unless you’re really desperate). 

If you’re not desperate and you don’t need $50 dollars now, then it’d be a total waste to put really expensive items online for sale at $50 bucks. While it’s not the best option on this list, it’s one way to make $50 in 10 minutes under some serious probability. 

9. Launch a supermarket. 

A supermarket is a mega business venture and a lot of people branch into them to take or shop for what they want. These mega stores definitely make more money than you think. They make money every minute and every second someone is shopping for something. 

So, the idea here is to start your own supermarket if you want to make as much money as $50 every 10 minutes. You could make more money, or less. It depends on factors like how much effort you put into marketing your supermarket, how significantly situated it is in the city, and how cool the internal system works (including the design). 

10. Start a restaurant. 

Starting a restaurant is another way for you to make up to $50 in 10 minutes. You could make more. It doesn’t take up to 10 minutes to serve a client. It really doesn’t. It shouldn’t, unless the customer is making a long list of orders. 

So, with a restaurant, even if it’s micro, you can definitely make a lot of money in a couple of minutes. It can happen one-time, but you’ll need to scale and have a ton of customers to keep making money every minute that counts. I’m not asking you to become the next Chick-fil-A, but you could. 

11. Online publishing business. 

Online publishing business is expensive. It’s more than just blogging. And it’s one way to make $50 in 10 minutes. You start a blog, hire up to 20 writers, focus on a niche, decipher every topic in that niche, branch out into related niche, cover every topic and question in that niche – keep doing that with every niche and sub-niche. 

The traffic is what you’ll be monetizing to make a profit well enough to pay up your writers and keep the server running. Going about the online publishing business this way, traffic is guaranteed because you’re creating the best content on topics in different niches that no one is caring to answer or giving attention to. 

12. Develop a gaming app. 

Gaming apps are fun. Some are addictive. Some aren’t. But the majority of them print money passively. If you want to make $50 dollars in 10 minutes, you can develop your own gaming app and monetize it. Plus, you don’t need to be really good at coding to make your own game. You don’t need to be good at all, there’s no need for you to be a coder to have your own game. Seeing things from the spectacle of an entrepreneur, you can pay up programmers to bring your idea of a game to life. 

It’s really all about the idea and how much you’ve got to fund it into reality. From there, you’ll need to market it (or promote it), keep updating it, and monetization is of course in-built before the first launch (even with the MVP). 

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13. Open a grocery store. 

A whole world of expenses but you can make $50 in 10 minutes of sales with a grocery store of your own. Now, it’ll take a lot of resources including time to kick off a business like this. Secondly, it’s a grocery store and you’ll need to have staff there. You can’t do this kind of a business on your own. 

You’ll need to work with people so as to not grow overwhelmed. It’s not an option; you need people. And you’ll need them from the moment you set out to build/design your grocery store and acquire inventory. 

How to Make $50 Dollars in 10 Minutes: 8 No BS Methods to Explore – Final Words. 

Some of the most realistic methods to make $50 dollars in 10 minutes include listing your expensive item online for $50 bucks, borrowing it from a friend or a family, betting at the bar, trading crypto, stock trading, and asking for $50 bucks from a friend. All of these are ways to make $50 in 10 minutes one-time. 

So, some of the ways to make fifty dollars in 10 minutes passively include opening a grocery store, building a game app, launching an online publishing business, establishing a supermarket, and opening a fast-food restaurant. Heck, they’re mostly expensive ideas. 

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