How to Make $800 Dollars Fast as a Kid in 8 Realistic Ways

How to Make $800 Dollars Fast as a Kid

If you’re a kid and you want to learn how to make $800 dollars fast, this is your haven. 

For real. 

In this blog post, you’ll get nothing but some of the realistic and working ways to make up to $800 dollars fast. 

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You could make more with the tips I’m about to share with you. You could make less than $800 bucks fast too with these same tips. 

It depends on a variety of factors; ultimately about how you go about them. 

And how you’re able to make these strategies work fast for you. 

With that being said, here are 8 ways on how to make $800 dollars fast as a kid. 

How to Make $800 Dollars Fast as a Kid in 8 Realistic Ways. 

1. Ask for $800 dollars. 

$800 dollars is a lot of money to ask for. 

But you can get it just by asking for it. 

Yes, if you’re not from a low class family, then you can certainly get $800 dollars by asking. 

Top class and middle-class families can support their kids with an extra $1,000 dollars a month, particularly the top class families. 

So, if you’re from any of both families (particularly from a first grade or class family), you can ask your guardians or parents for some cash. 

There’s every possibility that you’re not getting it especially if your reason for wanting this money is mildly unreasonable. 

So, if you’re asking, there’s gotta be some solid reason you’re soliciting $800 bucks. 

On the dark side, if you’re a lonely kid or from a low class family, you can consider asking a rich friend of yours.

2. Loan it online. 

If asking isn’t really your thing in all honesty, you could loan it from the internet. 

You’re too young to take a loan from the bank and you probably don’t have any substantial collateral. 

So, you can turn to the internet loan firms as a source of loaning $800 bucks. 

If you’re not granted, you can ask some other relative or older friend or a guardian to help you take an online loan you’ll repay later. 

If you’re trustworthy, you’ll get a couple of people more than willing to help you take a loan online. 

3. Trade the stock market. 

Stock trading is a real gem. 

And as a kid, you’ve got an excellent opportunity to learn stock trading young. 

It’s definitely one of the ways to make $800 dollars fast as a kid. 

Meanwhile, you’d need to spend an enormous amount of time learning and understanding how the stock market works, the best strategies to trade, and the risk factors in the stock market. 

Trading can make you rich even as a kid, but there’s work upfront. 

You learn to make money by trading, learn to not lose, and learn to take your emotions. 

However, some brokers don’t allow kids to have trading accounts. 

If this is the case with any of the top stock trading brokers you’re signing up with, then you can simply ask someone of age to create an account for you. 

On most brokers, you’ll be allowed to operate a demo account where you can test trading strategies and whatnot before opening a live account to trade on. 

It’s also not free to start trading. 

So, as a kid who’s looking to make $800 dollars fast, be ready to lay up some money just to make more. 

The more money you’re willing to risk, the more money you stand the chance to make. 

With all said, stock trading is one skill you’ll need to build wealth in the future. 

It’s not the only way to get rich, but it’s certainly one of the fastest ways to make life-changing money.

4. Sports betting. 

Betting on sports is profitable only when you’ve got enough insights to make it work in your favor.

As a kid, the odds of this happening are against you due to lack of knowledge in betting on sports and age restrictions to open a sports betting account online (for some betting platforms). 

So, you can ask someone of age to assist with opening a betting account for you. 

Again, you can simply give some bucks to someone else to help you bet on sports. 

Someone who’s got some insights and experience, and historical knowledge too of participating players in the sports. 

Sports betting is a game of chance (not thrones), and regardless of the skill of anyone, it’s impossible to determine the outcome of a game or sport accurately. 

It’s 50/50. 

But it can make you $800 dollars fast (if things fall in favor of you). 

5. Binary options. 

As a kid, you can trade binary options and make a ton of money. 

But firstly, there’s every need to learn the art of trading. 

If you’re not good at trading yet, this isn’t an option to try out just yet. 

Take out some time to learn. You’re a kid so there’s a lot of time in your arsenal to learn to trade. 

The binary options market is a risky one, but a ton of money can be made. 

Plus, you don’t start trading for free. You make use of real money to get started. 

If you’ve some money to trade with, then you can make use of it as a starting capital. 

If you’ve got no cash to start trading with just yet, then you can ask either a relative or your parents or guardians for some bucks to start trading the markets with. 

6. Resell your items online. 

Reselling your items online is indeed one of the realistic ways to make $800 dollars fast as a kid. 

There are several marketplaces for you to sell your stuff on the internet if you’re looking. 

Plus, you could make over $800 bucks if you have a lot of items to sell as a kid. 

The more stuff you’ve got to sell, the more money you’re prone to earning from sales. 

Again, you can only sell the items that are usable, not faulty items or bad stuff. Nobody wants to buy a broken product. 

So, make sure you’re putting out something that someone out there will be willing to buy and make use of. 

Some of the top places to sell off your items as a kid include: 

  • Poshmark
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Fiverr 

There are other marketplaces to sell items. 

And if you’ve got no items to sell, you can buy cheap stuff at thrift stores and resell them online using these marketplaces. 

Yes, you buy cheap from thrift stores or junkyards, and resell them at a moderate price on these platforms. 

But then, it’ll cost you some money to buy them cheap. 

7. Freelance your skills.

Even as a kid, you can work online remotely to make $800 dollars fast. 

If you’ve got a skill like programming or designing graphics, you can sign up as a freelancer online on marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, or Guru to meet with clients who need your assistance. 

And who is willing to pay for your services. 

So, the first thing is for you as a kid to have a high on demand skill. 

Other than signing up as a freelancer, you can also work remote jobs online. 

Some remote jobs that you can work on the internet include writing, teaching, and virtual assistance. 

But the jobs that can make you $800 bucks quickly as a kid are remote jobs like writing, proofreading, programming, and analyzing quick data. 

Or data entry. 

With the help of Google Jobs and some other job boards, you can get gigs that’ll pay you for your services well enough to earn $800 in a couple of days or weeks. 

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8. Traffic arbitrage. 

This will work for you if you’re a rich kid or you’re at least from a rich home. 

Traffic arbitrage is all about monetizing paid traffic. 

And the commonest way to make this happen is with a blog. 

A viral blog. 

You publish contents, apply to an ad company like adsense, promote your contents on social media, drive (paid) traffic and see how the money rolls in from the ads on your blog. 

So, if done the right way, you could earn about $150 to $300 for a $100 dollar ad budget. 

In simpler terms, you could earn $150 to $300 dollars or more from monetizing paid traffic if you spend $100 dollars to run or pay for ads (or to buy traffic). 

Trust me, this works. 

You just need to find the right niche, and the right source to get cheap but quality traffic. 

How to Make $800 Dollars Fast as a Kid in 8 Realistic Ways – Final Words. 

Making $800 dollars fast especially as a kid isn’t easy, or it doesn’t happen magically; you take some very practical steps to make it happen. 

And some of the realistic ways that this can happen include traffic arbitrage, freelancing, asking for $800 dollars if you’ve got people or family relatives who can give or borrow it to you, and borrowing it online. 

Other ways include trading binary options, betting on sports online, and reselling your items online (for a quick $800 dollars). 

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