How to Turn $30k into $100k in 8 Crazy Ways – Final Words

How to Turn $30k into $100k

Looking for the best ways on how to turn $30k into $100k? 

This blog post is for you. 

This isn’t a scam. 

This is any form of gimmick, and it’s really possible to turn $30,000 dollars into $100,000 dollars.

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Truth is, they’re natural ways and no strategy here is a “secret recipe” to doubling money. 

They all bear natural risks and if you’re willing to take on them, you can double as any amount of money and even quadruple them. 

Going further, here are 8 crazy and realistic ways to grow your money from $30k to $100k over time. 

How to Turn $30k into $100k in 8 Crazy Ways. 

1. Invest in startups. 

Investing in startups is one of the best ways to turn $30k into $100k. 

If you’ve got $30k, you can find startups to invest in on the internet. 

You never know what these startups are going to look like in the future and your initial investment of $30k might just turn out to be $100k+ in a couple of years. 

Secondly, every startup isn’t the same. 

There’s gotta be a way for you to find out the credibility of startups to invest in, they’re profit potential. 

If it’s tech, and what they’re doing is nothing the world has seen before, then it’s a good idea to invest in them. 

If it’s not tech, but they’re in the health or the food niche, that’s another very profitable place to put your money. 

Generally, you want to put your money into startups that are already generating a 6 figure yearly profit, and maybe a 7 figure revenue per annum. 

Another good idea is to buy startups or a startup that’s not worth a lot of money. 

You can buy, invest, or start one. 

But to grow fast, invest in startups already recording impressive figures for profit. 

It’ll cost you way more money and time to start up something and grow it. 

But less costly to invest into something that’s already working. 

And it’s less risky too. 

2. Invest in the online markets. 

Online markets like the currency market (or Forex), the stock market, crypto, derivatives, options, binary options, and others alike can make you a lot of money. 

Firstly, you’ll need to settle for the most stable market, and they include Forex and stock markets. 

You’re not looking to trade them, but to invest in them. 

And as such, you want to make sure you’re investing into the kinds of assets that can’t disappear overnight. 

Currencies can’t. 

Top companies can’t disappear overnight either. 

Hence, if you throw your $30k into currencies or companies, a slight boom over the course of some months can get you to $100k or more. 

How about trading? 

If you’re good at trading the online markets, this means that you already have a clearcut winning strategy to make money while trading. 

This means that you understand candlestick patterns, indicator settings, price action, the concept of support and resistance, and more. 

Trading the online markets, particularly stocks and Forex, is a quicker way to turn $30k into $100k. 

You can make this happen in one month if you’re good. 

There’s really no limit to how much money you can make if you’re a good trader. 

And if your trading skills are on steroids, then you can push $30,000 dollars into $1m+ in a single month particularly by trading futures contracts

3. Build a mobile app. 

With $30,000 dollars, you can build a mobile app and market it. 

If well monetized, this app can generate $100k+ in monthly passive income. 

You don’t need to be a good Python programmer or have a mastery of Java or C++. 

Once you’ve got the idea of an app to create, there are skilled people out there who’ll take your idea and make out a beautiful app as you want it. 

Everything should be clear in the app project brief

Basically, tech/health related apps make a lot of money. 

Other profitable niches for apps include:

  • Entertainment
  • Finance 
  • Trading (stock, Forex, crypto exchange)
  • Graphics 
  • Editing 
  • Writing/documentation
  • Streaming
  • Messaging
  • Transportation (the likes of Uber & Lyft)

If you create an app in any of these niches, you’ll face a terrible competition, but then you’d still be able to take some market chunk with an effective marketing campaign. 

Doing things differently and making things easy for users can make you a rival out of the blue. 

4. Start a physical business. 

Another very great way to turn $30k into $100k dollars is to start a physical business. 

This can be a grocery store, a clothing boutique, or a food truck, specialty food store, or a car wash. 

Whatever business you want to start up, get it right with the location. 

Whether it’s small or big, or medium, the location of the business is paramount. 

Plus, you could start up a small business and instantly start seeing life-changing profits from the proceeds. 

All that really matters from the very start is the location. 

You can do everything right and get the location wrong. 

Another negative possibility is starting the most well-furnished business in a very remote place. Patronage will be low. 

There are exceptions though, but to be on the safer side, pick the best and the most favorable location for any business you’re looking to start up with $30k. 

5. Invest in real estate. 

If you’ve got $30k and you want to make more money with it, you can venture into the real estate world, acquire properties and resell them or use them for commercial purposes. 

An example would be to acquire a house worth $20k and resell it at $35k after renovations and development. 

Else, you can acquire a property and turn it into a commercial venue.

You can also build a mini hotel, event hall, or apartments for tenancy. 

While you’re not going to make $100k instantly or in a couple of months from doing any of these, the value of properties appreciates over time. 

Hence, you can sell off your commercial properties for over $100k after a year or two years. 

Meanwhile, you must’ve generated more than $30k in rent fees or revenue from the commercial buildings you acquired (as initially just building or lands). 

Another way to turn $30k into $100k is to acquire lands and leave them to appreciate in price. 

If you’re patient enough, these properties can be worth 5× to 10× their initial cost a few years earlier. 

6. Acquire leasable assets. 

Leasable assets are things that you can lease out. 

With $30k, you can become a leading agency for leasable items. 

From party to wedding equipment, you can acquire a lot of them and keep them for people to come to lease.

A lot of these people can’t buy them because they’ll have no much use after the event day. 

These assets will keep generating income for you in the long run. 

You’re definitely not going to make $100k overnight leasing them out. 

But in the long run, you’d be able to make more money, much more than 20× your investment. 

Leasing these items costs a lot of money too. 

When you start leasing them or by the time you acquire them and you’re in the leasing business, you’d have a clear idea as to how much it would cost to lease them. 

7. Venture into event planning. 

Event planning is lucrative, and if you’ve got a clue as to how you can make it work, then you can make $100k dollars from hosting and anchoring events. 

If you’re an empath, then this isn’t for you. 

If you’re like me who doesn’t love outdoor stuff, this isn’t for you either. 

But then, if you’re sanguine and you love to meet new people, hosting or organizing events would be your favorite things to do. 

You don’t have to do this yourself, with $30k dollars, you can definitely set up a committee of people organizing events under your name. 

You’d also need to have a company name for your event planning business. 

You’re going out as an event planning agency, and this will attract worthy clients your way. 

Definitely, you’ll generate much more revenue than your initial startup cost of $30k dollars. 

For the record, you don’t need up to $30k to start an event planning agency.

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8. Flip websites online. 

Coming in as the last idea on how to turn $30k into $100k, flipping websites is one of many ways to make this happen. 

You can buy a website that’s not monetized at $8k dollars, develop it in under a month or two, monetize it and sell it for 42× the monthly revenue. 

You’ll be going after websites with a lot of content but no monetisation, and websites with a lot of traffic & domain ranking authority (with potentials to rank for more powerful keywords). 

If you can get a website like any of these, then you can work on them and resell them for 42× whatever they start generating after the second or third month of developing them. 

This is because it takes time for whatever development you’ve initiated to have effect. 

So, if you’ve added more content or built more links, it’ll take some time before results start kicking in. 

For example, you buy a website at $10k and it has these stats: 

  • Visits/month: 20,000
  • Rpm: $24 
  • Rev./month: $238

If you’re able to seed in 200 more content (or build more links) that’ll potentially raise the visitor count and revenue from 20k to 30k and from $238 to $500+, you’d be leaving more money on the table reselling the site at $15k rather than $20k. 

The variables are infinite, and the point is, flipping websites with a capital of $30k can make you over $100k as you keep at the business. 

How to Turn $30k into $100k in 8 Crazy Ways – Final Words. 

Of all these ways to turn $30k into $100k, I’d focus only on the best ways that guarantee passive income. 

They include starting a business that’s physical, investing in startups, and mobile app development. 

These options are scalable, and you can generate passive income from them in the long run. 

Other ways include acquiring leasable assets, flipping websites online, venturing into event planning, real estate investment/house flipping, and online trading. 

They are also lucrative ways, and you can double any money in the long run utilizing them. 

As you’ve known by now, they’re not the best strategies to make a lot of money in 24 hours, or in an hour, or to make tons of money as quickly as possible. But, they work. 

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