How to Turn $50k into $100k in 9 Genuine Ways that Work

If you want to turn $50k into $100k, you’re not alone in this search. And this blog post is created just for you. Turning $50,000 dollars to $100,000 dollars is the same thing as doubling the money you already have. 

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And I’ve covered some of the ways to double your money here on this blog in the investment archives. It’s a realistic goal, and it depends on when you want to double your money. When you want to get $100k from a $50k investment. If you want to make this happen in a day, riskier options. A week, there’s a couple of risky ways, but less risky than if you want to make it happen in 1 day or an hour. Yes! An hour. But the strategies right on this page isn’t to turn $50k into $100k dollars in an hour. It’s possible. But riskily. Over time, here are some of the best ways to turn $50k into $100k in the real world. 

How to Turn $50k into $100k in 9 Genuine Ways that Work. 

1. Trade crypto futures. 

This is very effective if you want to turn $50k into $100k in one day, one week, or one month. Trading the futures on crypto is one of the most realistic ways to make a lot of money quickly. And this can happen if you already have a deep understanding of how the crypto market works and how to trade profitably. Going with futures, you may not need to trade with every single money on you. Let’s say you’ve got $50k, there’s every possibility of generating more than 10% a week in trades with a $20k trading capital. 

This means that you’ll be making $2,000 every week from trading. Not just trading, but trading with instinct and strategy. Painstakingly. With a profit of $2k every week or 10% of $20k every week, you only need 25 weeks to make $50k dollars in profit. 10% is a conservative figure. A lazy one too. With futures, you could make 40% in a day; if you’re good. 

2. Invest in the stock market. 

Put your money in the stock market and watch it mature. It’ll take time, maybe months or years, but investing in stocks (particularly into the stocks of companies that’ve been in operation for over 20 years), is one decision you can’t be wrong with. Make your own research to find out the best stocks to invest in this year. 

Afterwards, make some conscious attempt to invest all by yourself so that you get to see how your portfolio matures overtime. Plus, investing in penny stocks is another way to get rich in the future or generate thousands of dollars with a little investment. 

3. Invest in crypto long-term.

Buying shit coins is the right word here. These kinds of coins are worth less than $5 dollars per unit. And some of them are worth pennies. Down to $0.00025 and lesser. You can also choose to buy solid coins like Ethereum on futures and open a trade with a 3× leverage so that you’re easily making more with little price movements. With $50k in the market, you could easily make two times your capital with a little upward price pressure and a leverage of 3× or 5× (which is more risk, but less). 

Meanwhile, you’re buying these coins not to trade them, but to leave them to mature over the course of months. And with this in mind, using a minimal 2× leverage is advisable. Anything can easily go wrong in the crypto market even without you knowing about it weeks after it must’ve happened. 

4. Invest in REITs. 

Investing in REITs is one of the few good ways to turn $50k into $100k. Real estate invest trusts or REITs in short allow investors to invest in multiple real estate assets without having to run or maintain them individually. As an investor, you get dividends from the profits of a REIT. And sometimes, profits can go as high as 14% annually. 

So, it could take a while before you’re getting 100% and more than this from your investment. It takes a lot of time to make a fortune off REITs investments, but then it’s slow and steady. Guaranteed too. 

5. Launch a mobile app. 

A good mobile app will get millions of downloads. And if it’s monetized, it’s more money. Or, too much money. But then, you just need to create the app first. If it makes sense and it’s addictive, then you can get millions of people to visit your app without hammering on promotion for the app. Plus, you don’t need to be a coder to build an app. Just have the idea and there’s an avalanche of coders willing and ready to work with your idea. 

Again, here’s another place to invest time and value for a really juicy ROI. Passively. Some of the top mobile apps today are worth billions of dollars. But, I want to be conservative, and we’ll stick to the likelihood of generating $1 million from a well monetized addictive mobile app you built. 

6. Start a physical business. 

Another thing you can do to make $100,000 dollars with a $50,000 dollar investment is to start up a physical business. It could be a grocery store, a mini pharmacy, a boutique for fashion, a car wash, a barbershop, or some other thing. Once the business is up and running, then you’ve built just another passive income stream. 

You can choose to go mega or start small. But since you want to make $100k and it’s the goal of starting the business in the first place, then there’s no need to start small, especially with $50k in hand. There are multiple physical businesses that can generate a lot of money. Passively. 

7. Author your own book. 

If you’re looking to turn $50k into $100k, you can write a book and promote it from your $50k. Assuming you already have the $50,000 dollars, and you’re well versed in a particular field of interest (which doesn’t always have to be academical), you can write a book and put it out there. For it to fly in sales, it’s gotta be really quality. Authoring a book is one of many activities that can keep generating money for you on autopilot for years. The catch is; your book must be top quality. Quality enough for it to become a bestseller. 

There’s no rush, so, you basically want to take out some time to really undergo research for the cause of writing a great epical book. You might not generate $100k in sales in the first month or the first year. But if it’s a great book, then you’ll need to promote it to reach the right people whose one recommendation or mention of your book can trigger multifold sales. 

8. Start & scale an online content business. 

An online content business can be anything from a blog like TMZ or BuzzFeed to a YouTube channel like BrightSide. It won’t cost you up to $50k or even half of this to get on with starting and scaling an online content project. For example, you can buy an already established blog or website for a little over $10,000 dollars and develop it over the coming years to generate steady passive income. This is if you’re already good at developing websites or blogs. And you’re great at digital marketing

On the other hand, you can start a free YouTube channel or some other video streaming channel like a blog for just videos and invest some money into video production; or have a team of people who edit and design your videos. Up to 500+ videos about topics in a particular niche. Whether you’re launching this on YouTube or on a dedicated video streaming platform like a Vlog, there’s usually a high ROI. 

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9. Start a fashion brand.

With $50,000 dollars, you can start up your own fashion brand and sell thousands of it. Even millions. Of course it sounds like a dream come true and probably something that’ll take a lot of time to accomplish. But hey, you’ve got $50k. And you don’t have to spend all of it manufacturing every fashion brand there is. You can start with just hoodies or singlets and establish a brand there. With a brand in the singlets division or with a hoodie brand of your own, you can work directly with social media influencers to hype the value of your fashion brand so that a unit of it is worth a lot of money in lieu of a few dollars. If it costs you $75 dollars to create one unit, and you’re selling for $150 dollars, that’s a gross of $75 back. 

With 200 units, you spend $15,000 dollars, and get a gross revenue of $30k after all sales, with a 100% gross profit of $15k. You can take out $10k off the entire $50k to work with social media influencers who don’t charge a lot of money but can drive a massive attention down your business brand line. You keep doing this, and with time you’d be making enough profit to work directly with Kevin Ma

How to Turn $50k into $100k in 9 Genuine Ways that Work – Final Words. 

Now, you know exactly what to do to get your $50k dollars to $100k wads. It’s not the easiest thing to do as you’ll have to put your money in the line some time to stand a chance to make more money. 

Some of the realistic ways to turn $50,000 dollars into $100k include starting a fashion brand of your own and banking on influencer marketing to push it out there, starting/scaling an online content business, authoring a book, trading futures on crypto, investing in the stock market, investing in crypto long-term, investing in REITs (which will take a lot of years to get you to $100k with a $50k investment), starting a physical business, and launching a mobile app. 

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