9 Best Jobs that Pay $70 an Hour in the 2020s (Self-employed)

Jobs that $70 an Hour

Are you looking for the best jobs that pay $70 an hour? 

Then this article is for you. Generating income at this pace is no small deal. If you’re earning $70/hour, that’s $1,680 in a day. And $50,400 dollars in a month. Now, in one year, you’d be $604,800 richer. 

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While this isn’t a lot of money to Bernerd Arnault, it’s definitely going to make a big difference in your life. Without any more speech on the intro, here are the 9 best and realistic jobs that pay $70 an hour. 

9 Best Jobs that Pay $70 an Hour in the 2020s (Self-employed)


Blogging can get you to $1,680 dollars in a day, and it’s one of the best jobs that pay $70 an hour. You’re not going to make $70 dollars every hour with a new blog, and even when the blog isn’t a new one, you could make much more than $70 bucks an hour. Today, there are tons of blogs on the internet generating much more than $1,680 dollars a day. 

Some earn as high as $3,000 dollars in a single day. And I’m talking about personal blogs not owned by companies or firms. If you want to make a lot of money blogging, then you’ll have to take it as a business rather than a hobby. 

Firstly, pick a niche. It’s gotta be a profitable niche. Once you have that, think of a domain name and get your blog online using this guide. Once that’s done, start producing content massively on topics that aren’t very popular and vastly covered. 

Everything is broken in more detail here in this blogging guide, and if you’ve not started blogging yet, it’s the only guide you’ll need to get started on the right foot. 


Another job that pays $70 an hour is ecommerce. This isn’t a usual job, but more of an entrepreneurial venture. 

With an ecommerce business of your own, you’d be selling products to people at a more expensive cost; not extremely expensive though. But expensive enough for you to make profits. It takes a lot of time to build an ecommerce store, and then market it. 

But the entire process from setting up the store online to getting your inventory (for physical items) can be oversimplified if you take out some time to plan thoroughly. If you’re ready to start out with ecommerce just yet, then you should sign up now on Shopify


Have you ever heard a radio before? 

That’s what a podcast is but only played online. Before launching a podcast to make money, you’ll need to prioritize value first. And by value, I mean giving value to your listeners. 

Instead of writing or making a video, making podcasts is easier. It takes more time to write an article than to make a podcast. And if you’re already a good talker, then you can make tons of podcasts on different topics before you know it. 

However, there’s a preferable format for podcasts that really captivates the right audience. You want to learn everything you can about making podcasts and monetizing them to make money massively and passively. 

In essence, you can make up to $70k dollars a month with a well monetized and highly trafficked podcast blog. It takes time to start and eventually grow a podcast channel or blog to this point. An asset here is to be patient. 


Dropshipping is an online business model where you create a store and connect it to another store online which serves as the product supplier. You don’t ship anything or really buy anything when you operate a dropshipping business. What you do is simple; create the dropshipping store and connect it to a supplier online using already existing tools. 

To make things happen faster when it comes to making money, you can promote your dropshipping store on social media and search engines like Google. With a dropshipping store, a booming one, you can generate up to $60k a month. 

Although, in the real world, there aren’t very many dropshipping entrepreneurs making up to this amount. A ton of them actually fail at it. For this reason, you’ll need to learn about dropshipping and how to get started with the business online to make $70/hour. 

Traffic Arbitrage 

You pay for traffic and monetize the traffic to get more money than you spent acquiring the traffic. It’s a simple concept, and you’ll need to be good at it to actually succeed. With traffic arbitrage, there’s no limit to how much money you can make in a day. Plus, starting out this online venture is expensive. 

This is basically because you’ll need money to buy the traffic in the first place. And then, you’ll need to have a platform where the traffic can be monetized. Without a platform to monetize the traffic, then you’ll be getting traffic for nothing. 

The best model to start off traffic arbitrage on is to build a blog and buy traffic to the blog. This is because it’s way easier to monetize blogs than any other information delivery outlet on the internet. 

Course Sales 

To make $70 an hour, you can simply build a course and sell it online. Now, this can work only if you’re good at the topic you’re looking to create a course in. If you have enough experience, then you’ll be armed well to create a course that’ll really help. 

While this can make you money, it’s definitely not a 9 to 5 job. And supervising the growth of your course sales or the stats is solely your responsibility. It doesn’t take forever to create a good course. You just need to have the proper outlines, and it can be a video course too. 

Once your online course is ready, you can upload it for sale on Udemy; one of the biggest online course sales platforms. However, your course has to pass some certain criteria before it hits the road to live on Udemy as a ready-to-sell course. 

Book Publishing 

Having a lot more procedures than creating an online course, you can generate tons of money with a book of your own. The hassle would be publishing the book online and offline. 

It takes time. 

And if you’re good at what you intend to write about, then it’ll be easy for you to push out something not just informational, but epic. However, the key to making money as a book author is to become known or to become a voice in the area you’re publishing such information around. 

For example, if you want to write a book in the sciences, your book will sell millions of copies if you’re already a well-known surgeon or scientist. Have a signature in the field and then people will pay a lot of money to get your book. 


You know how to cut or groom hair? 

Then you can generate a lot of money, much more than $70 dollars in an hour. It’s expensive to start up a barbering salon, and you’ll need more hands to make things easier unless you want to work 24 hours a day just to see that you’re earning over $70 dollars every hour. 

If you’ve got more hands, like 3 staff, good barbers, then you can charge around $100 dollars per client and generate over $60k a month. Business for barbers doesn’t boom every day. But it could boom if you’re starting off from a good location. Or a favorable spot in the city. 

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Online Trading 

Lastly, you can generate much more than $60,000 dollars (which equates to more than $70/hour) trading the online markets. Whether it’s crypto, binary options, stocks, or Forex, you can generate more than $60k. But this is only possible not if you’re a great trader, but if you’re trading with a lot of money. Like $10k dollars. 

But if you’re not, then your chances of making $60,000 USD in a month or $70 USD per hour are super slim. First, you learn to trade the online markets. Then, you start trading with a ton of money. 

While there are lots of online markets to trade, I highly recommend you get started with trading crypto with Binance. It’s more volatile and your chances of becoming a crypto millionaire versus a stock millionaire are much higher. 

9 Best Jobs that Pay $70 an Hour in the 2020s (Self-employed) – Summary 

Here you have them; the list of the best jobs that pay $70 an hour. To make this amount of money, it takes work. And a lot of it. 

If it didn’t, then there’d be a 90% chance that more than half of the world’s population makes $50k+ every single month, which equates to $70 an hour. Or thereabout. From starting a blog, to trading online, you can generate much more than $70/hour. 

While some of the realistic jobs that pay $70/hour will take some time to mature and eventually start making you some money, others on this list are highly profitable and generate profits much faster. 

But then, they’re probably some of the most expensive ideas too. 

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