11 Best Jobs that Pay $80 an Hour without a Degree

Are you looking for some of the best jobs that pay $80 an hour without a degree? Then you’re certainly on the best page, and you’re not here by mistake. Truth is, you don’t really need a degree to make as much money as $80 an hour. 

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Yes, there’s every possibility for you to make tons of money without having a college degree or even being super smart. $80 an hour in one day, that’s about $1,920 a day, and in a month you have about $57,600. In one year, you’re left with a total income figure of $690k+ dollars. 

If you made $80 an hour with a regular job, it wouldn’t be passive and there’ll be hours of the day where you’re making nothing because you’re not in active service. However, the jobs in this article aren’t all passive income jobs, they’re not white-collar jobs at all, and you stand a chance to make as much as $57k+ in a month with them. Here they are. 

11 Best Jobs that Pay $80 an Hour without a Degree.

1. Affiliate marketing. 

Take it from me, affiliate marketing is a game changer. But only if you do it the right way. It’s cheap, and can guarantee you passive income. It’s also a self-employed job, which means there’s no one bossing over you. To start affiliate marketing on the right foot, you want to start with either a YouTube channel or a blog, build enough traction, and monetize these platforms that you’ve built with affiliate links. 

That’s one way to make only so much money from affiliate marketing. It’s free to get started, and the Amazon affiliate program is usually the cheapest and easiest option on the list to try out. With affiliate marketing, it’s possible to generate over $80 an hour without a degree, maybe not exactly $80 dollars every single hour, but you can do $57,600/month. Which equates to $80/hour. 

2. Programming. 

Programming is a complex activity that gets easier and more fun as you spend time with it. But if you’re already good as a programmer, then you can start working as a freelancer online to make $57k+ in a month. Other than working as a freelancer, you can simply create an app and get a lot of people to sign up for a fee. Indeed, it’s one of the many self-employed jobs that pay $80 an hour without a degree, and you can get programming gigs right away if you’re good and versatile at the craft. 

Going with the other idea of you building an app of your own and monetizing it through (monthly) subscription, how much you earn is largely determined by the subscription fee and the number of subscribers. So if you’ve got 5,000 subscribers to your service with each paying $20 dollars, that’s about $100k dollars. Monthly. The more subs you get, the more money you get. 

3. YouTube. 

On YouTube, you can get to meet the world. Literally, you can post videos about your stuff and have millions and millions of people watch it. But, let’s start with a hundred and then grow to a thousand. And then a million. Starting a YouTube channel is totally free. YouTube doesn’t take a dime for this. What’s not free is creating some killer videos. 

You’ll need camera and video editing equipment, some of which you’ll have to pay for. After figuring out a way to make videos and post consistently, you can keep growing your channel until you hit your first 1k subs. However, you can start generating income from YouTube before reaching 1k subs if you already have products to recommend and sell. 

4. Options trading. 

Just like the other financial markets, trading options is one of the ways to generate QUICK money online. Have it in mind that you can also lose money from trading options too. It’s vice versa, and it’s also dependent on how good you’ve become over the years while trading consistently. Yes, consistency is one of the ways to get better at trading. 

If you’re looking for jobs, not white-collar jobs but self-employed jobs that pay $80 an hour without a degree, then options trading is one of them. It takes a mix of strategies to trade profitably in the online world. And options trading is one of the many online markets that can make you rich, or break your bank account. 

5. Crypto trading. 

From your home, you can trade the crypto market and generate more than $80 dollars hourly without having a degree. You may not be generating profits of $80/hour on autopilot, but in a month, you can trade and compound a profit of over $60k. It’s not as easy as I make it seem. Trading in general comes with a downside; the tendency to lose money. Hence, if you must trade crypto profitably, invest into acquiring the prerequisite knowledge. 

6. Blogging. 

Blogging is easily my favorite option on the list. And this is because I do it every single day. I’m becoming an addict to it. An addict to creating content. And it feels good. The best part is, I make money while doing it. Is it over $58,000 dollars I’m making yet from this blog? No, not yet. But hopefully, soon. However, building a blog to generate 5 figures and then 6 figures a month isn’t as easy as a lot of gurus make it seem. It’s feasible, and with a decent traffic to your blog (after a lot of work upfront), you can certainly earn over $58k/month blogging. 

If you’ve not started your blog, but you want to start right now and you don’t know where to look, here’s a guide to help you out. This guide contains the steps to getting your blog online and growing it to $1,000/month in 11 months (or a bit more, depending on you).

7. E-commerce. 

On one hand, ecommerce is profitable. On the other hand, it’s expensive to start up. So, if you’re looking to make as much money as $58k+ every single month without having a college degree, then, consider starting an ecommerce business. It won’t be easy to dominate your niche and to become a household name like Amazon. 

It’ll take time, unless you have so much money to hammer hard on influencer marketing. A lot goes into starting an ecommerce business. And if you’re considering dealing in physical products, the more challenging. 

8. Grocery store. 

Want to make $80 an hour without going to college or having a college degree? Then starting a grocery store is one way to get this done. This is pure business and you can make as much money as you want with a grocery store depending on factors like the location of the store, the size and your marketing approach (if you decide to market your business). 

On average, grocery stores in the US generate over $550k per week. And that’s over $2 million a month. It’s a lot of money to start a grocery store. A bunch of challenges especially if you’re new to the entrepreneurial curve. 

9. Binary options. 

Binary options trading doesn’t require you to have a degree. But then, you just need a lot of money to trade it. You start out by learning to trade if you’re a newbie, and then try out your trading skills on a demo account before eventually moving into a real account. Trading binary options is profitable, and there’s every tendency for you to lose money here and there. It’s a norm. 

And to be on the winning side, prioritize the need to incorporate factors to mitigate against fatal risks in trading. These risks however cannot be entirely eliminated, but can be minimized. If you’re asking, it’s possible to make much more than $80/hour or $58k/month trading the binary options market. 

10. Real estate.

In a bid to make $57,600 dollars in a month, you can venture into real estate. One of the ways to make quick money in real estate is to flip houses. Yes, you buy, renovate, resell. Keep the profits. And while this can take up to two months, you’ll need a lot of money to even acquire a single house, flip it, and then get upwards of $58k in profits. 

That’s the reality. If you’ve got a smart team of contractors, then this could happen faster. You want to have eyes and ears looking around for cheap houses to flip and searching for buyers when the house/property is fully renovated. 

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11. Website flipping. 

Website flipping also joins the list of jobs that pay $80 an hour without a degree. To flip a website, you simply buy it from a marketplace, and resell it for money. Before doing this, you want to make sure that the website you’re looking to buy doesn’t have a poor record online or is worth buying. Once you buy, you can decide to work on the website to make it more valuable and relevant. 

If it wasn’t monetized, you can go ahead to monetize it and increase the overall worth by more than 50%. In reality, it takes longer to successfully flip a website. Plus, we’re looking at making $80 an hour without a college degree. This means you’d need a capital of $500,000 dollars to purchase a website, flip it, and keep 10+%. 

11 Best Jobs that Pay $80 an Hour without a Degree – Final Words. 

Some of the best self-employed jobs that pay $80 an hour without a degree include website flipping, affiliate marketing, YouTube channel monetization, options trading, real estate, starting a grocery store, binary options trading, website flipping, crypto trading, and blogging. Without a doubt, you can earn up to $690,000 dollars and more with these self-employed jobs. Some are passive income guaranteed, and some aren’t.

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