Living Off $1,700 a Month: 8 Proven Methods to Survive

Living Off $1,700 a Month

Are you looking for the best hacks about living off $1,700 a month? 

This blog post highlights some of the best and real ways to make this happen. 

If you have $1,700 dollars right now, you’ll be able to survive on it using the hacks on this page. 

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These aren’t some form of secret hacks – they’re everyday activities that you can do to live off or survive on any money you’ve got. 

Call them thrifty hacks. 

But they work, and here they are. 

Living Off $1,700 a Month: 8 Proven Methods to Survive. 

1. Start an online business under $1k. 

It’s possible to start an online business if you’ve got just $1,000 dollars, and it’s going to be a profitable online business. 

One of such businesses is Amazon FBA. 

You buy products cheap from a supplier and ship it to Amazon, Amazon sells the products and credits your FBA account wallet. 

It’s simple, and this is one of the ways you can live off $1,700 dollars a month simply by starting up an online venture that generates more money for you. 

Once you get the grasp of Amazon FBA and you’re able to find some very profitable or viable products for Amazon FBA with a high profit margin, you’ll be able to make more than $1,700 per month. 

This time around you’re not trying to live off $1,700 a month, you’ll be making more money and living more comfortably than you would if you decided to manage the $1,700 bucks for the month. 

There’s no solution better than making more rather than managing to survive. 

2. Save ½ the money. 

Another way to live off $1,700 a month is to save ½ of the money. Half of this is $850 dollars. 

If you’re paying rent, you might want to up this to $1,200 dollars. 

So, create a mental shift that you no longer have $1,700 bucks for the month. What you now have to live off on is $1,200 dollars. 

If you’re able to do this, then you’ll have an extra $500 dollars to spend at the end of the month. 

This however will not be easy because you’ll want to spend everything or make use of everything. 

It’ll be easy to spend lavishly because there’s a part of you that knows you’ve got an extra $500 somewhere. 

It’s going to take a degree of discipline that’s uncommon to live like this. 

Plus, $1,200 dollars is a lot of money to live off on if you’re paying rent and if you’re living rent-free, then it’s just enough money to survive on (unless you’ve got family and you care and are responsible for them). 

3. Draft a spending limit. 

A spending limit is a spending limit. 

When you exceed the spending limit of your card, you’re unable to make use of that card till the next due day or date. 

Or time. 

So, if you’re able to draft a spending limit for yourself, it’ll be easy to live off $1,700 a month (with enough discipline). 

So, the first step to devising a spending limit is to calculate how much money you want to live off on for the month. 

Since you’re trying to live off $1,700 dollars a month, we’ll make it $1,500 so that there’s an excess of $200 dollars in your wallet – never go completely broke

So, with a balance of $1,500 for the month, you can create a daily spending limit of $50 dollars per day. 

Or $40 bucks per day. 

With $50 dollars per day, you get to spend $1,500 per month. 

And with $40 dollars per day as a spending limit, you get to spend $1,200 bucks per month.

Thrifty is better – stretch yourself and stick to the $40/day spending limit. 

These are stringent approaches to living below your means and living off any cash you’ve got. 

4. Start a side hustle online. 

Yeah, I mentioned starting an online business as the first method to living off $1,700 a month.

 But starting a side hustle is different. 

The side hustle will cost you less money and sometimes it doesn’t. 

However, you can transition a side hustle into a business when it starts generating tons of money and when you start reinvesting into it. 

A side hustle can generate passive income for you but it’s going to take longer than an online business would take, and this is because you’re going all in with an online business and you’re putting some good chunk of money in there. 

Some side hustles you can start online include freelancing, tutoring, and print-on-demand t-shirt designing. 

5. Trade to make more money to live off. 

Trading is another way to make money and it’s a good idea to trade if you want to live off $1,700 a month or $50+ per day. 

You’ll make more money to live off if you trade, and you also stand a chance of generating true wealth as a trader. 

But there’s a catch; you only get profitable when you know how to trade. 

So, this makes learning to trade and understanding the financial markets the first step to making more money from trading. 

Understand the financial markets, then focus on a financial market to trade. 

With $1,700 dollars, you can buy proprietary firm accounts of more than $25k to trade with. 

But you may never qualify for such accounts if you’re not a professional trader. 

6. Skip junks. 

Junks are bad and they take up a lot of your money. 

If you want to live off $1,700 dollars in a month, one of the things you just need to stop doing intentionally is excessive junk intake. 

From cakes and biscuits to chocolates, there’s an endless list of junk food that you consume, and your appetite is stirred whenever you think about them. 

You mostly can’t kill the desire to taste them. 

Sometimes you start salivating and you have your taste buds on steroids craving for them. 

Skipping junk will not only save you money, it’ll guarantee a better health condition. 

Junks aren’t the best kind of food for your health. 

They’re junks. 

They suck. 

7. Skip beer, soda & the bar altogether. 

I’ve had my own little success with skipping soda. 

But I fall back to the bad habit of consuming sugar again after a while. 

It’s bad. 

Mine is soda. 

But it’s still terrible.

It consumes a lot of money and if I calculate how much I spend on average on soda in a month, it’s well over $5 dollars. 

I average 15 cans of soda in a month now. It used to be more than 30 cans of soda before now. 

But right now, I’m changing piecemeal. 

That’s for soda

Beer is a lot more expensive with one bottle going for $4.75  dollars at a bar. With 15 bottles of beer 🍺 in a month, that’s $70.5 gone. 

If you take more than two bottles at the bar for the next 30 days (or let’s leave it at 2 bottles), that’ll be 60 bottles in a month. 

In cash value, that’s $285 bucks. 

How much are you looking to live off on? If you take $285 away, you’ll be left with $1,415. 

That’s a total waste. 

Plus, beer isn’t the best liquid for you to consume. 

The best liquid is the cheapest; water. 

So, if you want to live off $1,700 a month, you’ve got to skip taking soda and beer. 

Soda 🥤 doesn’t take all of your money like beer does, but it really does. 

You’re into milkshakes or coffee? 

Coffee ☕ is good, but not excessively. You can make this in your home when you want to. 

Milkshakes are generally expensive but not as expensive as beer. There’s also milkshake beer (Hazy IPA & more). 

But then, you’re better off minimizing your intake or skipping them altogether just to save more money than you spend. 

Health-wise, continuous consumption of soda and beer isn’t advisable and can be detrimental. 

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8. Ask for tips from friends to have more money. 

In all honesty, $1,700 dollars (after taxes and bills) isn’t a lot of money. 

It’s worse if all you’ve got to spend in a month is $1,700 dollars before taxes and bills. So, you just need to get more money. 

And you can do this by asking friends or family members to tip you. 

You’re not levying anyone, you’re asking. It’s not wrong to levy people who you think should be responsible for your well-being. 

Asking for tips from friends and family will go a long way to put more money in your hand, more than the $1,700 dollars that you’ve got to live off on. 

So, whether you get an extra $100 dollars, $50 bucks or $500 bucks, it’ll be more money to survive on for a month or a specific timeframe. 

Living Off $1,700 a Month: 8 Proven Methods to Survive – Final Words. 

Living off $1,700 a month is possible if you’re able to follow the money hacks up on this page. 

They’re not the most difficult tips when it comes to saving or surviving off any money you have at hand. 

Or in the bank. 

So, to sum it all up, you can live off $1,700 dollars a month by asking for tips from your friends (so that you have more money), skipping beer, soda; the bar, skipping junks, starting an online business that’s going to cost less than $1,000 dollars, saving ½ the money, coming up with a spending limit, starting a side hustle online, and trading with a fraction of the money to make more. 

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