Starting a New Life at 40: 11 Life Hacks to Reboot, Rebuild, and Scale

Starting a New Life at 40

If you want to start a new life at 40, you’re on the right page.

40 years of age isn’t too late for you to start a new life. 

There’s a lot you could do, new skills you could pick up, and lots more just by restarting your life or making an attempt to do just that. 

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It’s not rocket science and you’ll need to take things maybe a little slower than you ever have because by now you’re sure about the statement – slow and steady wins the race. 

With a lot of motivation and hope and vitality, here are 11 hacks to reboot, rebuild and scale your life at 40. 

Starting a New Life at 40: 11 Life Hacks to Reboot, Rebuild, and Scale. 

1. Relocate. 

If you want to start a new life at 40, the first thing you want to do is to leave the city or the state. 

For a total and complete fresh start, you might want to leave the country. 

Just saying. 

But you could. 

And it’s all part of the process. 

You’re not going to get a fresh start in the same city. 

You might experience a new life if you’re in the same State or country, but not the same city – even if you get to change your street or apartment. 

Quitting the city is the biggest part of full-fledged transformation. 

Many benefits will naturally come with leaving the city including letting go of unpleasant memories and overriding your old chapter with the new ones from a new environment. 

2. Think deeply. 

You need to think. 

Not just thinking about the past or about how you must’ve wasted your life. 

You’re still young though, and there’s a lot you’re going to do with the remaining blissful part of your days on earth.

You’ll need to think deeply about the endless possibilities of life. 

Envision your future and the things that could happen if you started making the right decisions from this moment. 

Reading this article is part of the right decisions you’ve taken however to start a new life. 

In your thoughts, get lost. 

Only positive thoughts should smear your heart. 

Think about the possibilities of a bright future, and the steps you’ll take to achieve it. 

Positive mediation generates positive energy and that’s all you need to do anything, and everything – the positive energy.  

3. Choose a path. 

Okay, maybe you’ve already known your purpose. Maybe you know what you’re created to do. Maybe you don’t. 

Maybe you’ve been trying to do a lot of things at the same time or you’ve been doing the wrong things for a long time. 

At 40, right now, if starting a new life is your priority, then you’ll have to come to terms with the reality that you cannot be everything. 

You can be good at a lot of things. 

But you’ll eventually have to be known for one thing you’re excellent at. 

And right now is the time to focus on that one thing you can go god-mode on. 

Choose a path, run with it. 

See yourself doing it, and think deeply about it. 

It’s not just enough to think about it, you’ll need to work on it and perfect it. 

Work on your strengths, and forfeit your weaknesses. 

Choosing a path is finding your purpose – finding your strengths. 

It’s never about finding and working on your weaknesses. 

Plus, your weaknesses will and can never be your purpose. 

4. Refine your personality; understand yourself. 

People get to understand themselves very much later in life. 

At 40, you’re starting a new life. You need to understand yourself better than you did. 

Know your habits, your flaws, your good sides and how you think. 

Get to understand yourself, and you’ll learn to treat people better. 

At this point, you want to be more tolerant and understanding. 

Plus, you’ll need to set your priorities right from this point onwards. 

Know what you value and what you don’t. 

What you dislike and what you don’t. 

What poses stress to you and what doesn’t. 

Value yourself, get “more” intimate with yourself. 

You’re a personality and you need care and attention too. 

5. Make rich friends. 

The people to make as friends matter a lot. 

If you keep financial incapacitated friends, you’ll end up broke at the end of the day. 

If you make rich friends, you’ll end up rich at the end of the day. 

If you keep friends who don’t believe in anything good, they’ll ruin your chances of success. 

A rich person has to be rich in his mind, then in his pocket. 

So, make friends with people who think rich, speak rich, and spend rich. 

You’ll find them everywhere, and I’m not asking you to find billionaire or millionaire friends – there are rich people who live above their means and who work smart. 

They’re not millionaires but they can afford whatever they want to with the exception of overly expensive wristwatches, cars and luxurious lifestyles.

But then, they make over $100,000 a year and drive the kind of car you can’t afford. 

Make rich friends. 

Don’t find them, you’ll find them everywhere. 

And you need to be smart enough at 40 for them to want to keep you as a friend or make you a member of their inner circle ⭕ (or whatever you perceive it to be). 

6. Understand the concept of investment. 

If you knew nothing about investment or investing before now, you can capitalize on this opportunity to learn all you can about it.

You’ll need to be knowledgeable about the best investment practices to make better money decisions. 

This is where you’ll also need to learn about keeping money in the bank (more about this later), saving up and investing into low-return government sponsored investment programs. 

Right now, investing is different. 

You’re either putting your money into real estate, businesses, or the stock market. 

Undergo thorough research here about the best ways to invest your money and how to save the right way without keeping a bank savings account. 

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7. Study the financial markets. 

As you start a new life, there’s a lot you’ll need to learn and one of the many things you have to learn is the ways of the financial markets

At 40, you definitely need to know what the stock market is, how to trade it, what forex trading is and what crypto is all about. 

All of these are financial markets and financial instruments too. 

You certainly can’t learn to trade every market and be a master in each one. 

The goal is to make more money and not to gain 100% master (which is an impossibility). 

So, stick to one financial market and learn all you can about it. 

Before that, you definitely need to understand the terminologies in the financial markets and the concept of “financial markets”. 

I highly recommend you focus on learning forex – how to invest and trade it profitably. 

It could be a life changer for you. 

It’s a whole lot to take in especially if you’ve never heard of these terms before. 

But that’s the process. 

You’re starting a new life at 40, and you’re learning more and more about life, money, and yourself. 

8. Start a side hustle online. 

Starting a side hustle online is very important. 

This is because you need something to generate some extra cash for you sooner or later. 

Plus, if you have no plans to work for long or you don’t like working at all, then you’ll need to build something that prints enough money for you to live your dream life, buy your dream car and do more (that you often dream of doing). 

And you’re not going to start just about any side hustle, it has to be online. 

Some of the best side hustles to start online are definitely the kind that can generate passive income for you over a very long stretch of time (years after years). 

Or, it has to be a side hustle that can generate life-changing money for you even if it’s not passive income. But passive income usually wins in my world. 

Some of the best side hustles you might want to start online include drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, blogging (which takes some time), and trading (financial markets). 

At this point, you want to shun freelancing and other side hustles coined around the need to work for someone else on the internet to make money.

9. Get a day job.

Now that you’ve started a side hustle, you’re not going to live off the joy of seeing it grow while it’s generating pennies or nothing at all. 

You’ll need to work a day job somewhere unless you have enough money to live without working. 

But most often, you don’t. I’m betting on that. 

So, you’ll need to work to earn in the meantime. 

This should be the more reason you put in every sweat in your body to make the side hustle work. 

If it’s a very profitable side hustle that can change your life, then it’s going to be worth it. 

Plus, working a day job is part of the core process of starting a new life at 40 – you’ll get to meet new people, create a new work-life experience, stay disciplined and have something to hold on to while planning and building your life in the backend. 

10. Leave no money in the bank. 

Leaving money in the bank is a no-no. 

It’s not the best advice regardless of the investment or financial advisor offering it. 

At 40, you’ll need to know that money in the bank depreciates in value by the day as inflation sets into motion. 

Hence, you need to put your money into other things like the stock market, invest into creating a digital product or invest it in different obvious investment opportunities that may present themselves. 

Furthermore, you can keep your money in crypto wallets, or invest with REITs

Money in the bank means you want to sail with a sinking ship. 

This is something you definitely have to know as you start a new life at 50. 

Saving money in the bank doesn’t help to prepare a good financial future. 

There are better options and ideas to save your money. 

You can do your own research to find out other ways to save or invest your money so that it doesn’t over time. 

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11. Start a physical business. 

Okay, so you need to have a physical business of your own at 40. 

I mean, it’s something you really need to have. 

A physical business that generates money for you every day and you don’t have to be the one to run it. 

You can start a boutique, a car detailing business, a wholesale or retail grocery store, a laundry service, I mean, there’s a long list of the businesses that you can start at 40. 

The reason you’ll need to have a physical business or businesses is to diversify your income while providing value to the community or the society. 

While it’s a good idea to invest and have an online side hustle or full-time business, you also need to have backup income generating businesses in the physical/offline world. 

The possibility for a physical business to expand with time is another reason you’ll need to get into it. 

If you want to start a new life at 40, maybe starting a physical business isn’t the first thing to do, but it’s something you definitely need to do to improve your financial stability. 

Starting a New Life at 40: 11 Life Hacks to Reboot, Rebuild, and Scale – Final Words.

Now you’ve come to the end of this blog post and I’m sure you already know what to do exactly. 

Starting a new life at 40 could be a lot of fun, and some of the things you can do to achieve this include relocating or moving out of the city, thinking deeply about your life and what exactly you want to do with it, refining your personality, getting along with rich people, and starting a side hustle online.

You’ll also need to find a job in the new city you’re in, learn to invest, learn to trade the financial markets, push your money into other forms of investment other than letting them sleep in the bank, and starting a physical business. 

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