Starting Over at 47 Years Old: 11 Hacks to a Fresh Life

Starting Over at 47 Years Old

If you’re 47 years old and you want to start your life over, I’ve got you covered. 

In this article are some really effective things you can do to start over. 

One thing however is that you’re not too late, and 47 years old isn’t “old”. 

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You’re not old. 

You’re not 59, and even 59 isn’t old. 

My mom’s 60 (at this time in 2023), but she works and she’s agile and she’s physically gallant.

Trust me. 

You’re 47, I’m not saying you’re young! 

But heck, you’re not old and there’s nothing you can’t achieve from here. 

Here are 11 hacks for a fresh life. 

Starting Over at 47 Years Old: 11 Hacks to a Fresh Life. 

1. Think of the future. 

The first thing you want to do when starting over at 47 years old is to think about the future

There’s a bigger picture than what you already know and what you’ve lived. 

Now’s probably the best time for you to think about all the wonderful things you could achieve starting from now. 

While you’re 47 years old, you still have a lot of years under your sleeves to have fun, invest, build a better life, and change the world in your own way. 

In thinking about the future, there’s also a need for you to discover yourself and think about some of the most positive ways you could impact the world by exploring your own purpose.

2. Get a job. 

If you had a job before now, you might want to find a newer or better job. 

If you don’t have a job before now, get one. 

A lot of benefits come with working a day job. 

Yes, it’s gotta be a day job. 

Working a day job or working from an office builds discipline, resilience, and you get to meet new people. 

Getting a day job and working with a whole new set of people teaches you to be humbler, and somehow develops your team spirit; which is a very important aspect of leadership – the ability to work well with others. 

You’ll need these properties to build a successful life in your 40s and 50s. 

Starting over at 47 years old, all of these leadership traits must be in check. 

3. Save off your first income. 

Your first income should be kept. 

I know there’s a lot you probably want to do with the money. 

But then, you need to save it. 

Maybe not everything, but a significant huge part of it; like 80% of the money. 

Even if you don’t have anything to invest it into just yet, it’s an attempt to harness your saving ability. 

Plus, however you start is how you’ll end. 

If you start by saving some money, you’ll have a higher chance at sustaining that activity and it gets easier to make it a habit. 

If you spend it all, it might be near impossible to start saving the next income. 

4. Invest in the S&P 500 stock index.

The S&P 500 is one of the best things you can invest in. 

It means the Standard and Poor’s 500, and this is basically a stock market index that tracks the stock performance of the top companies in the United States. 

If you invest in the S&P 500, there’s a high chance you’re going to get profitable returns time and time again. 

And this is because it’s got a 74% winning percentage. 

In the last 95 years, the S&P 500 stock index has had a profitable return in 70 years. 

Starting over at 47, this is one of the opportunities you can tap into to start building wealth from scratch. 

5. Learn Forex. 

You’re not too old to learn to trade the forex market. 

In fact, now’s the best time for you to start learning to trade the forex market. 

This is one of the quickest ways to make money but only if you have the skill. 

If everything must get better at 47, you need money; and there’s no two ways about this. 

Within 6 months and with enough dedication, you can learn to trade the forex market profitably. 

It may take longer than that or faster; but this depends on your willingness to learn and how much time you dedicate to learning. 

With this skill in your hands, you’ll be able to print money most of the time you trade. 

6. Buy crypto assets. 

Crypto assets are otherwise known as crypto coins such as Bitcoin and other alt coins

And shit coins too. 

If you’re starting over at 47 years old, you need to have a portfolio of investments. 

And one of them has to be in your crypto wallet. 

Of course, you need to have a crypto wallet and some funds in there. 

This time, the funds will be diversified across cryptocurrency coins or cryptocurrencies with the propensity to appreciate in value in the future. When this happens, you get richer. 

7. Rebuild your network; reconnect.

You need people. 

There’s nothing in life that is made, that was made alone. 

Of course, ideas are conceived alone in one mind. 

But it takes more than one mind to create something spectacular. 

Starting over at 47 years old, there’s every need for you to reconnect and rebuild your circle of friends. 

Maybe you want to do away with your old friends and you need new friends in your life; your new friends should share the same vision that you have. 

If they don’t, there’ll be conflict of interest most of the time you meet to talk. 

The essence of friendship  is purpose-oriented accompaniment. 

8. Learn to trade financial markets. 

I already talked about learning to trade forex, but forex is the only financial market out there. 

In general, understand the financial markets and what they stand for. 

Forex is my favorite market and I’ve been in for more than a month now. 

It’s super easy and fun for me to learn and trade forex now because I already have a background knowledge about the financial markets and the terminologies there. 

With a background knowledge of the financial markets, it’ll be easy to trade every other market from learning just one. 

You need this knowledge at 47. 

And this is something you can learn in a week before specializing in any of the financial markets

9. Start a side hustle. 

Starting over at 47, you’ll need to have a side hustle. 

If you don’t already have one, you should start one right now. 

There are different scalable side hustles that you can start. 

Some of them include: 

  • Forex trading
  • Crypto trading 
  • Drop-shipping
  • Blogging
  • Video creation for YouTube
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Stock trading
  • Website flipping
  • Freelancing

However, at 47 years old, you’ll need to have a side hustle that generates income for you passively. 

So, freelancing is off the charts at this point. 

You can choose to focus on trading the financial markets (stock, forex, or crypto), start affiliate marketing or start a blog of your own (like this one) to share your ideas, or start a drop-shipping store. 

All of these other than freelancing are viable side hustles you should be looking to start. 

While trading the financial markets isn’t a passive income stream, it’s the fastest way to make money and you work for yourself. 

It’s miles different from freelancing where you have to work for other people online. 

10. Scale from there. 

Building a side hustle isn’t just enough. 

You’ll need to scale the side hustle

Whether it’s trading the financial markets or whatever side hustle you’ve decided to grow or build, there’s every need for you to scale it at this point. 

Everything will take time, but you should refund or refuel your side hustle so that it’s able to generate enough money for you to never work your 9 to 5 again. 

Starting a side hustle small is normal and okay. 

But remaining small over the long haul isn’t the goal. 

So, from $1 dollar to $100 dollars per month is a good achievement with a side hustle. 

But you’ll need to scale and look for ways to make that $100 bucks in a day rather than in a month. 

The entire concept of scaling is to grow exponentially and generate more income (passively or otherwise). 

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11. Launch your physical business/empire. 

Having a side hustle and scaling it isn’t enough, there’s a need for you to also have an offline business just in case the web crashes in the future; and this can happen any moment from this moment you’re scrolling through this page. 

You can’t really trust anything on the internet and there’s really no internet office to lay complaints. 

So, at 47, you’ll need to have a physical business of your own other than your online business or side hustles. 

There are a couple of offline or physical businesses that you can start up to generate passive income too. 

Starting Over at 47 Years Old: 11 Hacks to a Fresh Life – Final Words. 

In a nutshell, you can start over at 47 years old and yes, you’re not too late in any way. 

I’m not 47. 

But it’s a young age – a little into middle-age. 

So, some of the things you can do if you’re looking at starting over at 47 years old include thinking about your future and what you’d like to see and where you’d like to be, getting a job, saving off your first income, investing in S&P 500, learning to trade forex, buying crypto assets particularly Bitcoin, reconnecting with old friends and building a network of rich new friends, starting a side hustle or a physical business. 

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