9 Weird Ways to Make Money in the UK Up to £20k/Year

Weird Ways to Make Money in the UK

You’re looking for some really weird ways to make money in the UK?

Then this article serves you perfectly. 

In the UK and like most of the other countries of the world, there are different ways to make money. 

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There are the legal means, illegal and the gray means to make money. 

Right in this article, you get to learn about some of the weird ways. 

They’re not extremely weird because you can make money with them at the end of the day. Here’s your list of the top 9 weird ways to make money in the UK

9 Weird Ways to Make Money in the UK Up to £20k/Year. 

1. Defraud someone. 

Defrauding someone is one of the most weird ways to make money in the UK. 

It’s illegal, and you shouldn’t be a part of it. 

There are different ways to defraud someone, and the one I’m referring to right now is online fraud, particularly phishing. 

This means building a website that looks exactly like another with the intention of luring people to enter in their sign in details with which you can use to access their accounts on the real website. 

It’s pure scam.

There’s nothing nice about it and it’s serious trouble if you’re caught. 

Not just in the UK, phishing is an illegal internet activity punishable by law. 

As a cybercrime? 

It’s a weird thing to do when there’s a boatload of 100% legit strategies to make money too in the cyber world. 

2. Donate plasma. 

It’s Illegal in some cities to sell plasma, and that’s why the donation of this part of the human blood isn’t illegal.

You can’t sell, but you can get paid for donating plasma to those in need. 

Due to the global pandemic, there’s an increase in the need of blood plasma for the surviving, and even the survived. 

So, in the UK, it’s not a hustle people do to make money. 

What makes it weird is the fact that you’re taking something from your body and you’re having to donate it to someone else. 

It’s from your body to someone else’s body. 

It’s weird in all the sense of it and even if it’s for the purpose of saving a life; weirdly too. You don’t have to do much to become an eligible plasma donor. 

Make a quick Google search to see where in your city you can donate blood plasma. 

On getting there, you’ll undergo some medical checks just to pass muster with the eligibility standards of donating plasma. 

Now, the money you’ll be making from donating plasma isn’t life-changing. 

You’ll be paid for this good, but not in thousands of pounds. 

3. Become an extra. 

Extras make money, but not a lot of money to have fun and live the dream life. 

Certainly not enough money to buy a £239k+ Maserati MC20. Oh no. 

However, you can make a few hundred bucks or less for being an extra. 

And the money you make will depend on the role in the movie, the movie producer and the movie itself. 

So, if you want to become an extra, you just need to find gigs online. 

You don’t need to have any acting experience or portfolio. 

Just search for movie extra gigs on Google with specificity to the city you’re in right now. 

Some extras happen to take up some more intense roles than others.

You can just show up in a room alongside an actor and leave shortly after or sit alongside actors in a boardroom as one of many investors. 

The roles vary. 

All in all, you’re an extra and you can get paid for showing up in places without saying a single word. 

4. Sell your skin. 

Do you know you can sell your skin for money? 

I don’t mean tearing off your skin bits by bits, you could sell your skin as a space for companies to advertise on. 

It sounds weird right? 

But that’s why you’re on this page. 

There are a couple of people who make a living off having sold a part of their skin like their forehead for the purpose of advertisement. 

For example, Andrew Fisher several years ago sold his forehead as an ad space for over £35,000 pounds. 

He’s not proud of this, but he lives with it till this day as, well, a new man (but formerly a guy who became a walking billboard). 

You could do the same, but maybe not on your forehead. 

Or maybe there if you’d like that. 

For sure it’s not a fancy way to make money, and this makes it on the list of some of the weird ways to make money in the UK. 

6. Dumpster diving.

Dumpster diving can be nasty, but it can be a nasty activity that leads to the discovery of golden gems. 

So, basically, dumpster diving is searching through the trash containers of large companies to find items or products of value that you can resell at a reasonable or a sizable amount of money. 

It’s a weird way to make money not just in the UK, but every other place in the world. 

Some companies don’t allow it and you could be facing a lawsuit for illegal actions against the private property of these mega firms. 

That said, you can do this with flash speed especially after they immediately discard their unused stuff. 

7. Shoplifting. 

Shoplifting isn’t something I’d ask someone to do to make money. 

But we’re talking about the weird ways to make money in the UK. 

You could end up in serious trouble or face jail time if you’re caught. 

Shoplifting is basically stealing from stores or shops – or supermarkets. 

You get into the store and smuggle stuff out of it illegally, and of course, without paying a dime. People do this at local stores with a very loose security protocol. 

And although it’s not an ideal way to shop or to make money, you can shoplift some really expensive items worth hundreds or thousands of pounds. 

In the UK, there are deserving consequences to crimes like this, so, you might want to refrain from anything affiliated to shoplifting or illegally moving products from a store or a warehouse or anything like that. 

8. Become a pro mourner. 

I don’t love to mourn. I don’t know how to. And you shouldn’t either. 

But if you’re looking for some of the weird ways to make money in the UK, people get paid to mourn as pro’s. Yeah. 

You can apply to become a pro mourner too in the UK, and wait, you’ll need to know how to cry when you need to or when you ought to. 

Yes, pro mourners in the UK are good cries, actors, and conversationalists. 

These are some of the qualities you must develop to become a pro mourner in the UK who gets paid for the gig. 

There’s so much to learn for the purpose of mourning a complete stranger. 

At the end of the day, you’d want to ask if it’s worth the time.

How much can I make as a pro mourner in the UK? 

As a pro mourner in the UK, you can expect to get paid a base of £65 pounds. On the low, you can earn £27 per funeral. 

On the high, there’s a good chance you get to earn around £113 per funeral. 

People die every single day, and they don’t rent mourners for every send-off. 

This makes it a side hustle that’s not very lucrative coupled with the meagerness of income you could earn even as a highly paid pro mourner.

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9. Sell your hair. 

Yes, selling your hair is one of the weird ways to make money in the UK. 

It’s your hair, and if you’re selling it, something’s just not right about it. 

The truth is that you can actually sell your hair to companies that make hair or wigs for sale, companies that make hair for cancer patients, and other organizations that make stuff using hair. 

Another way to sell your hair is to search the web for people looking to buy or websites that buy human hair. 

If you’re asking how much money you can make from selling your hair – it’s not a lot. 

Depending on the kind of hair you’ve got and the texture, and the length and volume too, it’s possible to auction your hair for 3 to 4 figures. 

Since it’ll keep growing, you can turn this into a business while you apply effective hair growth organic hair oil to make the hair grow quicker. 

Don’t be so desperate, you could sell every hair cell in your body and grow bald – just thinking 🤔 about the possibility of this happening. 

9 Weird Ways to Make Money in the UK Up to £20k/Year- Final Words. 

All things being said and done, some of the weird ways to make money in the UK include selling your hair, becoming a pro mourner, defrauding someone online by phishing, donating plasma, shoplifting, dumpster diving, becoming an extra, and selling your skin. 

Other than donating plasma which would require you to be in perfect health, majority of the weird methods to make money in the United Kingdom that I aforementioned can earn you around £20,000 a year. 

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