12 Best Jobs that Pay £100 an Hour in the UK

Jobs that Pay £100 an Hour in the UK

Looking forward to getting a list of the best jobs that pay £100 an hour in the UK? 


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Earning as much as £100 per hour is really cool. 

It’s even more cool if you’re earning this passively.

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In one day, that’s £2,400 pounds. 

And £72,000 pounds in a 30-day month. So, you’re living above the average Joe here. 

In one year, you’ll have £864,000 pounds. 

You’d become a millionaire in just 2 years even if you spend 40% of that income on other stuff. 

Getting to the million dollar reason you’re here, this is the grand list of some of the self-employed jobs that pay £100 an hour in the UK, and they could pay way more money. 

12 Best Jobs that Pay £100 an Hour in the UK. 

1. Blogging. 

Blogging is kinda my favorite way to make money. 

It’s one of the self-employed jobs that pay £100 an hour in the UK, and you can definitely generate over £72,000 pounds a month blogging. 

This feat is ridiculously challenging and it takes time. Blogging isn’t for you if you’re not the patient type. 

If you’re in search of quick fixes, then that’s not blogging. 

It’s possible to make money real quick, as much as £2,400 pounds every single day, but that’s not blogging. 

You can hit £72k with blogging over time – it takes a lot of time from months to a couple of years to get there. 

Blogging success doesn’t come overnight. But you can go from £0 to £1,000/month with time, and from £1,000 to £10,000 pounds with time. 

The hardest part is getting from £0 to £1,000 pounds per month. 

But then, I’ve put together a guide to make this super simple for you. Click here to access it. 

2. Twitch live streaming. 

Streaming live is fun basically because there’s not much editing needed. 

On Twitch, you get paid in the form of subscriptions. 

So, with a lot of subscribers, you can consistently generate over £72,000 pounds a month. 

Thriving accounts on Twitch are primarily gamers. 

So, this is going to be a lot of fun for you if you’re into games and you don’t go out much. 

Get your gaming kit alongside your streaming kit and start killing it on Twitch. 

Some of the highest Twitch streamers are gamers who absolutely love what they’re into – games. 

3. YouTube. 

Opening a YouTube channel and creating content there consistently is one of the self-employed jobs that pay £100 an hour in the UK. 

Or anywhere in the world. 

You can start a YouTube channel from anywhere in the world, focus on a niche and consistently create captivating content. 

I emphasized the word “consistently“. 

This is because you may not get far without consistency on YouTube. 

I also emphasized “captivating”. 

And this is because the content has to be captivating enough for people to watch through till the end. 

Everything sums up to telling YouTube it’s a good video, and then YouTube bots or algorithms push the video around to more eyeballs. 

Generally, the more subscribers you have on YouTube, the more money you’ll be able to make from YouTube ads, selling your own products, recommending affiliate products, and promoting sponsored content (products or campaigns) from advertisers. 

4. Email marketing. 

A lot of benefits come with a good email marketing campaign. 

Firstly, you can tell subscribers about an upcoming event, you can preach to them about an affiliate product and why they should buy it, and you can convert a percentage of email subscribers into buyers for your product (whether it’s digital or physical). 

These strategies and freelancing as email marketing agent/expert are some of the ways to make money via email marketing. 

Plus, you can become an email marketing consultant for multiple clients and charge each client over £5k per month for this service. 

All of this can be realistic and unrealistic for you.

And it depends on whether you find email marketing a viable money-making skill or not. 

5. Affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is such a sweet business model. 

Thousands of people are reaping good from the sweetness. 

However, it’s all about promoting affiliate products and getting paid a commission when people buy these products. 

Affiliate products aren’t owned by you. 

So, you don’t have to worry about creating products and these products come in different niches and at different prices. 

If you want to make more money, you’re better off promoting expensive affiliate products in the most effective ways. 

It’s possible to make £100k/month or £1.2 million/year in affiliate commissions. 

But it is extremely challenging to achieve this. 

6. Mobile app. 

Another expensive idea, but then there’s a lot of money to be made in the software/app industry. 

Think of an idea, and then create a software that brilliantly interprets that idea. 

With enough funds, you’ll be able to promote to reach millions of people, have it available on PlayStore and Apple store for more exposure. 

And then monetization is already one of the earliest things you would’ve done by now. 

However, everything takes time and money. 

Most importantly, you’ll need money to develop the software/app especially if you’re not a programmer or if you’re a programmer but you’re not capable of building it yourself. 

You’ll also be spending heavily on promoting your shiny new software/app. 

In the long run, this software can print millions of pounds. 

And will definitely do over £2,400/day in revenue. 

7. AdSense arbitrage. 

AdSense arbitrage is one of the best self-employed jobs that pay £100 an hour in the UK, or up to £72,000 a month. 

It’s more about a working strategy to get quality traffic to a blog already monetized with Google AdSense. 

The more quality traffic you drive in, the more quality income you’ll generate from the traffic with ads. 

So, you start with a blog, write up loads of content, up to 40 articles, on the blog and then apply for AdSense ads. 

Once you get approved, you can start promoting your content on paid traffic sources like Facebook, Taboola, Revcontent, Reddit, Adsterra, and Google AdWords. 

With a good strategy, you’ll generate more money as you spend more money to acquire traffic. 

Getting some organic traffic from Google search will also increase the likelihood of having a successful AdSense arbitrage venture. 

8. Digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is a great skill, and it’s one of the skills that can pay £100 an hour in the UK. 

As a digital marketing agent or an expert digital marketer, you’re not going to get paid £100 every hour. 

Or, you’re not going to receive a check of £100 every hour. Rather, you’ll work for clients and get paid. 

You can work as a digital marketing consultant for different clients paying £10k per month. 

And then you can work as a freelance digital marketer for multiple clients or run your own digital marketing academy to tutor aspiring digital marketers (for a fee). 

9. Course sales. 

This is one of the self-employed jobs that pay £100 an hour and even more in the UK depending on a number of factors like the niche of the course, your organic audience, and the cost of the course. 

Selling your own course or courses online is a profitable deal if you truly want to provide value and you’re not all about making money from the course sales. 

If there’s something you can teach people and it’s guaranteed to spike results, then you can create a course about it and put it online for them to buy. 

If you already have an audience and a lot of them, then you’ll be able to generate 6 or 7 figures a year from your course sales. 

The results you’ll get will also depend on the smartness of your sales funnel

So, with a course of your own, the income isn’t going to be stable. 

One month you can generate £12,000 from sales and the next month; £62,000 pounds. 

With a good course, good promotion, robust newsletter/email marketing strategy and loyal audience, you’ll be able to hit £864k+ in a year in the UK. 

10. Social influencer marketing. 

If you manage to become an influencer on social media, you won’t be getting paid £100 every hour, but you can make over £72k/month or £864k/year in the UK. 

Depending on the number of followers you have, you’ll be able to make tons of money by recommending affiliate products to your audience, selling your own products to them and by working with advertisers and brands to promote sponsored content. 

All three methods are some of the most realistic and primary ways you can make up to £864k+ a year as a social media influencer – which also breaks down to £100 an hour. 

Some of the best social media spaces to get popular on include Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Threads

11. Grocery store. 

Starting a grocery store is expensive, but without a single question, it’s one of the best jobs that pay £100 an hour in the UK. 

Every single hour, you can generate sales or make sales of over £100 bucks. 

Depending on the size of the grocery store, you can make sales of £500+ per hour. 

A grocery store depending on the size can also generate over £1,000 pounds per hour. 

Furthermore, you need to have things in the right place and hire staff. 

At this point, you’ll need leadership qualities to run a grocery store and a team spirit. 

There’s also the place of choosing the right location for the business. 

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12. E-commerce. 

E-commerce joins the list of jobs that pay £100 an hour in the UK if you’re conversant with setting up a successful e-commerce business or an ecommerce business that at least generates money. 

This is the kind of business that can generate well over £1,000 in an hour too

It depends on the scale of the business and what products you’re selling. 

The first thing you’d have to do here is to educate yourself on the procedures involved in building a successful e-commerce business. It’s not rocket science. 

It’s a business, and the profits will grow as you invest more time and resources into it. 

Generally, ecommerce is a way to build a passive income stream online. 

Just like Amazon or Walmart, the more visitors you get to your ecommerce store, the more money you’re likely to make. 

And if you manage to bring in millions of visitors per month or day, you’re going to get hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales per day or month. 

Bring in a few visitors, and then you’re not going to make a lot of money up to £72k per month. 

So, it depends on the product and the size of the market; and what percentage of the market you’re able to reach. 

12 Best Jobs that Pay £100 an Hour in the UK – Final Words.

In the United Kingdom, there are a lot of things that you can do to make £100 an hour. 

There are also white-collar jobs that pay really well up to £100 an hour but these jobs aren’t readily available to everyone. 

You also don’t want to be in the matrix where you work so hard just to get cut off by taxes and bills. 

In summary, some of the self-employed jobs that pay £100 an hour in the UK (most of which require you to work from anywhere you want to) include e-commerce, blogging, starting a grocery store, IG influencer marketing, Twitch live streaming, creating content on YouTube, email marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile app development, AdSense arbitrage, digital marketing, and selling your own course. 

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