How to Make $200 Dollars in a Week: 15 Realistic Ways

How to Make $200 Dollars in a Week

Some of the best ways to make $200 dollars in a week are really generic and you have these ideas floating all around you. 

$200 bucks a week or $800 dollars a month isn’t a big deal. 

If you want to make money up to $200 dollars a week, this article is for you. 

The thing is, you can make much more money and eventually grow to $800/week, and then even $2,000 every single week

That’s the reality only if you’re consistent. 

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Note however that every idea on this list won’t make you $2k a week from $200/week if you’re consistent. 

But way more than 90% of them will.

With that said, here are 15 realistic ways on how to make $200 dollars in a week. 

How to Make $200 Dollars in a Week: 15 Realistic Ways. 

1. Start a blog of your own.

Start a blog of your own and build it to the point where you’re earning over $200 dollars in a week. 

That sentence is realistic, but it takes time. 

However, blogging is becoming more and more popular. 

It’s one of the ways to make $100 grand a month without spending over a decade in school studying psychology or engineering. 

And for the record, there are lots of bloggers generating much more money than 90% of professional practitioners today. 

With that said, you can start a blog, focus on a niche, create content consistently, monetize your blog, generate passive income (of over $200/week), and be happy. 

This guide is pretty much all you need to get started today. 

2. Do ride-sharing. 

Ride-sharing is when you make use of your car to pick different passengers (not simultaneously) to their destinations. 

In a day, a ride-sharing agent can earn up to $500 dollars. 

On average, $95 dollars.

And this is on the worst days.

For the people I know personally, they make a ton of money; upwards of $200 dollars. 

But then, you’ll need to have a car of your own. 

Starting out with ride-sharing, you want to make sure you’re working with the biggest player in the game; Uber. 

A runner-up for the title is Lyft. 

And while Lyft pays slightly higher than Uber, you’ll get more jobs with Uber than with Lyft. 

A smart option would be to work for both of them; but then you’ll have a hard time choosing the more profitable trip to opt for. 

3. Airbnb apartment lease. 

Own an apartment? 

Then you can lease it on Airbnb to make $200 dollars a week. 

If you’re leasing your apartment, the reality of making $200/day is obtainable. 

This is more like the average cost of leasing a good apartment on Airbnb in the US. 

Quite a couple of things contribute to the cost of leasing apartments, but two of them include the location of the apartment and the comfort it provides. 

So, put your house in order. 

There’s going to be some stranger knowing your door in no time soon. 


Airbnb is free to join, but they take a cut off every booking. 

Just 3% and that’s it. 

4. Try landscaping. 

Landscaping is one of the most realistic ways to make $200 dollars in a week. 

It’s an active income, and this means you always have to work to make money unless you’re looking to start up a landscaping agency where you outsource the labor to other skilled landscapers. 

Per hour, the average landscaper can earn around $20 dollars. 

And with the hourly pay, it’s more than realistic to earn $200 bucks in a couple of days (working a minimum of 3 hours a day). 

While landscaping is a great job, the odds of getting gigs every single day are really low. 

But if they come, they turn in the cash; especially for mega projects.

5. Copywriting. 

Copywriting is a great skill that can take you places. 

It means you have a way with words on a different scale and dimension that companies or brand manufacturers want. 

Copywriters are great writers with organic compulsiveness in their words. 

In basic terms, copywriters write copies for brand products, campaigns, and pretty much anything that has to be sold. 

They make companies richer. 

And individuals too. 

So, if you’re great at copywriting, you can find gigs online paying over $200 dollars. 

Yes, $200 dollars and more. 

You wouldn’t have to work all week long to make this. 

Most of the time, copies aren’t very long. 

They’re short, direct, captivating, and productive. 

If you’re already a good writer, you just need to work in the direction of honing your copywriting skills. 

There’s a ton of difference, but it’s all about writing. 

You can find copywriting gigs on Fiverr, Upwork, Indeed, and even pitch to private brands to aid them in marketing their products (as a contract copywriter). 

6. Flip items online. 

Do you know you can make $200 dollars in a week just by flipping items online? 

If you’re asking how this is possible right now, then I’ll explain. 

Firstly, you visit thrift stores and garage sales, then you buy good items that are selling really cheap. 

Afterwards, you can sell them online to make a markup. 

Other than thrift stores and garage sales, you can find valuable items to flip online at curbside garbage, junkyards, and if you’re willing to do the unthinkable, go dumpster diving. 

Sometimes, valuable items worth hundreds of dollars can be found in these places. 

7. Deliver items for money. 

This is a cool one basically because you’ll be driving around during summer, winter or spring while making money every hour (you’re on duty). 

The thing is, you need to have a car of your own. 

With that, you can sign up with services like UberEats, GrubHub, or Doordash to deliver items to their customers around the city. 

With these services, you can earn anywhere from $12 – $29 dollars. 

Let’s leave it at $20 dollars for the sake of this post. 

Working just 3 hours a week will take you to $360 dollars in a week (working for 6 days). 

You could earn more, or less. 

It depends on how hard you’re willing to work here. 

Active income. 

8. Do podcasting. 

Podcasting is a great way to make money weekly, and on the internet. 

As a podcaster, you need to familiarize yourself with the techniques of making podcasts, editing and monetizing podcasts. 

You also need to learn to grow a podcasting channel from scratch, unless you want to buy an already established and popular podcasting channel. 

Of course you can earn $200 dollars in a week with a podcast, but the challenge is growing it; connecting with a dedicated audience until they keep coming back to your audio blog. 

9. Run errands. 

With platforms like Taskrabbit, Flexjobs, and Mechanical Turk (by Amazon), you can earn up to $50 bucks a day. 

And that’s if you’re willing to run errands and complete tasks. 

You simply sign up and surf through for tasks to complete. 

Each task comes with a different pay upon completion. 

With these 3 platforms, you don’t have to work so hard to make $200/week. 

It’s easy to sign up, but the tasks aren’t always easy. 

To make more money, get as many tasks as you can done within a couple hours. 

Basically, the more tasks you complete, the more money you make. 

Plus, you can sign up on all three of them to get a steady inflow of tasks to complete. 

And you can always go for the more rewarding tasks to make more money. 

10. Trade financial markets. 

The financial markets include the stock market, crypto, Forex, and others. 

Options included. 

As long as there’s a form of monetary value attached to traded assets, they’re financial markets. 

All of them.

If you want to learn how to make $200 dollars a week, then you should really focus on trading a financial market or more of them. 

Get good at trading before anything else. 

Regardless of the market you’re looking to start with, there’s always a demo account on the brokers/exchanges. 

So, you can learn online and play around with the demo account until you’re good to start trading. 

Consequences will come running your way if you fail to learn before proceeding with a live account. 

11. Nurture a YouTube channel.

Starting with a free YouTube channel, you can generate up to $5,000 a month. 

However, this isn’t going to happen overnight or the next minute you create your YouTube channel. 

Firstly, you want to focus on a niche and make sure you’re putting out the very best or near best content out there. 

Make great videos, and use catchy thumbnails to attract the most eyeballs hovering your videos on the YouTube search page. 

Plus, aim to have a certain number of videos on your channel before thinking about making money. 

While it’s best to target a particular number of videos before monetizing your channel, it’ll help you stay focused on the goal, which is to produce as many interesting and quality videos before the next 2, 3 or 4 months. 

My pick is to aim for 300 videos before taking monetization seriously. 

This is how you make tons of money once you switch the monetization button on. 

If you’re starting out and you’re serious about making money up to $200 dollars a week (for a start), then focus on your content portfolio. 

Build it. 

12. Online tutoring. 

Teaching online is a gift. 

And you can do this to make extra cash every single month. 

Talking about making $200 dollars a week, you can make this in one day with the help of job boards like Indeed where you can find remote teaching jobs paying up to $50/hour. 

However, websites like Preply, and Cambly will also pay you pretty well to teach English even if you don’t have a degree. 

If you’re consistent and always teaching, there’s every chance you can make much more money than $200/week. 

13. Pet-sitting. 

Pet sitting is one of the easiest things to do to make money. 

And as a pet sitter, you’ve gotta love the pets. 

If you’re like me, then pet sitting isn’t your gig because I’d do anything else but sit pets. 

Get it right tho, I love pets. 

But not the play with their tongue. 

And the pet kisses! 


Not for me. 

However, you can sit pets to make $200 a week and even more. 

To find pet sitting gigs, sign up on websites like Rover or 

In the US, the average pet sitter earns around $25 dollars for 20 minutes. 

But if you’re sitting pets overnight, then you can get paid up to $85 dollars. 

14. Freelancing writing. 

If you like writing and you’re good at it, then you can work online and make up to $1,000 a month working as a freelancer. 

Freelance writing is one of the best ways on how to make $200 dollars in a week, and you can definitely make more money as a freelance writer. 

Again, you can do this from time to time as a side hustle, or commit to it as a full-time self-employed job. 

In reality, freelancing can generate a full-time income for you. 

It’s not a big deal to make $10,000/month freelance writing. 

To get started, sign up on Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork and set up your freelancing profile. 

It takes a couple of minutes. 

Alternatively, you can search for freelance writing jobs online using job boards like Indeed.

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15. Proofreading. 

With a good eye for grammatical errors, you can start proofreading to make $200 dollars in a week. 

It’s easy to get started, and you don’t have to pay a dime. 

As a proofreader, you work for clients online and get paid. 

In a week, there’s every possibility that you can generate much more than $200 dollars working online as a proofreader. 

All that’s needed is for you to have the required skills for proofreading, and then sign up on Fiverr or Upwork to start getting gigs. 

On average, you can get paid up to $24/hour. 

And it’s possible to make $200 from a single client. 

How to Make $200 Dollars in a Week: 15 Realistic Ways – Final Words. 

Want to make $200 dollars in a week? 

Then some of the things you can do to get there and even get more include proofreading, pet sitting, freelance writing, tutoring online, food delivery around your town, ride-sharing, Airbnb apartment lease, copywriting, landscaping, running errands or doing random tasks, podcasting, blogging, flipping items online, online financial markets trading, and YouTube monetization. 

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