10 Best Jobs that Pay $30,000 a Month

Hi there. This article highlights the best jobs that pay $30,000 a month. For the record, they’re not white-collar jobs or 9 to 5 jobs that require you to present some form of certification before you’re able to work them. 

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These are self-employed jobs, and with them you can definitely make much more than $30k in a month. This however means that in one year, you’d be earning over $360k dollars. One good thing about self-employed jobs is that they have the propensity to yield more results and generate even more money with time. Here are some of the best jobs that pay $30k a month. 

10 Best Jobs that Pay $30,000 a Month.

1. Blogging. 

Starting a blog is definitely one of the ways to build wealth online. It’s a self-employed job, and it’s profitable if you’re consistent enough and you start off on the right foot. Being an online business, you can decide to focus on it full-time, or build it in the background of your life while you keep a full-time job. Blogging is one of the best jobs that pay $30,000 a month, but then, you must really be consistent enough to build anything worthwhile with it. 

For the record, there’s really no amount of money you can’t make with a blog, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Making money with a blog takes some time. At the start, you want to pick a blogging niche and consistently commit to building it one way as there’s no clear-cut one-way to building a successful blog. To get started, here’s a clean guide to set up your blog from scratch. 

2. Barbering. 

If you know how to groom hairs, then you can start up your own barbering salon to make $30,000 a month. It’s a self-employed job, you decide how to run your business, and starting off in the right location is the great first step. If you cut hairs for $50/client, you’ll need about 600 clients to meet $30k/month. But then, you don’t have to be the only one cutting hairs. You can hire more hands to get more work done and you get to pay them based on commission. Maybe a 30/70 commission. 

This way you can get more hairs, satisfy more clients and scale the barbering business versus if you were the only one cutting hairs yourself. With all this said, getting a good location to start up this business will make everything else really easy. If you don’t have the money to start up a barbing salon, then you can consider going heavy on social media and focus on doing home services around and out of your city. Home services pay more money. Like 4× to 5× the average salon cost. 

3. E-commerce. 

You don’t really have to become a programmer to have an ecommerce business. Once you already have the idea as to what you’d like to start up or sell, then you’re good to go. Plus, e-commerce is one of the best and most realistic self-employed jobs that pay $30,000 a month and much more. 

Some of the biggest ecommerce businesses today generate thousands of dollars in a single day. And some generate millions too. In a day. But then, you don’t have to aim for that just yet especially if you don’t have thousands or millions of dollars to spend on advertising. 

4. Dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is like the easy part of e-commerce where you don’t need to ship anything or package anything. Or even buy anything. You just promote your store and make sales. The sales are passive and you make money from adding prices to the prices you’ll be importing from another ecommerce store like Amazon. Yes. You don’t buy any product. Not 1. You simply import products with the use of already built-in tools (or plugins), and add a couple extra dollars to the original prices. 

To make more money, you push your store right in front of people, more people, by promoting it on social media; paid adverts. You can go as far as promoting your store on Google so that you easily show up for products people search for that are available on your dropshipping store. 

5. Fashion boutique. 

Fashion will keep exploding until an asteroid hits the earth. Earning $30,000 in a month is really double, and this is because the demand for clothes is on the high. Just like foods, real estate and energy, fashion covers a space exploring the basic needs of man; clothing. And without clothing, man’s unable to survive in harsh environments on this planet. 

To get started with a business like this, you’ll need a mentor; someone to really put you through starting a fashion boutique. If you don’t get anything to coach you, then you can make use of the internet in this regard. There are tons of guides about starting a boutique that’ll you’ll need to consume so you don’t end up in the citadel of confused m

6. Laundromat. 

While operating a laundromat is one of the best jobs to make $30k a month, it’s really expensive. On the low side, to start a full fledged laundromat, you’ll need about $25k. It’s a great way to secure passive income and give back to society. 

With a laundromat, you can earn up to $1,500 dollars in a single day. That’s about $45k at the end of a month. So, while $30,000 a month is a realistic figure to aim for with a laundromat, it’s costly to start up. One of the many things you must get right with a business like this, is the location. 

7. Online course sales. 

Another job that pays $30,000 a month is online course sales. If you’re really popular or you’re a famous authority in a particular niche, then you’d make lots of money selling courses online. But then, you don’t necessarily have to be an authority or a popular name in a particular field of interest before you can sell your courses online. 

Just have an audience; a dedicated audience willing to do as you say because they like what you provide them or they just like your personality (which is the most important asset money can’t buy). Before diving off to create a course, it has to be worthwhile. Yes, it has to be really quality. Anything worth pushing out to the web must be of high value. 

8. YouTube. 

Operating a YouTube channel can teach you a lot of entrepreneurial lessons. But, that aside, you can make tons of money much more than $30k/month. It’s a self-employed job that doesn’t cost anything to start up. Right now, you can start up a YouTube channel and then, you’d need to learn some video editing skills to always create the best videos about your YouTube niche. 

If it’s a YouTube niche requiring you to put yourself right in front of the camera, then do just that. As you keep at producing videos, you’ll get traction that you can monetize using monetization strategies that resonate with you. 

9. Stock trading. 

Stock trading is a self-employed job, for real. It is. If you stay indoors and trade the stock market, and you make enough money to feed yourself, your family, and sort bills, then you’ve got a self-employed job my friend. First things first, there’s every need to learn to trade the stock market if you’re not conversant with the trading strategies, terminologies, and whatnot. 

Once you’re done learning to some point, you can test out your trading skills using demo accounts on major trading platforms like Robinson, and then get to trade a live account. One expert tip I’ll offer is for you to prioritize risk management and implement risk management techniques in every trade. Where possible.

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10. House flipping.

Flipping houses costs a lot of money. If you know what to do, you can generate much more than $30,000 in a month just flipping houses. The concept is to buy a house, to renovate it, and then resell it for more than the amount you bought it. You’ll include renovation costs and other expenses, and your intended profits too to make up for a new price. 

So, if you buy a house at $50,000 and renovate it with $6,000 dollars, this takes your total costs to $56,000 dollars. After renovation, you can put the house up for sale at $90,000 dollars. All of this can happen within a month if you’re fast, and you don’t tolerate procrastination. And unless the house needs a boatload of repairs, renovations don’t take a lot of time to complete.

10 Best Jobs that Pay $30,000 a Month – Final Words. 

In summary, some of the $30k a month jobs, self-employed jobs, include house flipping (which is quite expensive to start off), blogging, stock trading, YouTube channel monetization, online course sales, barbering, dropshipping, ecommerce business development, laundromat, fashion boutique business. They’re all self-employed jobs, and you can start them on your own. And while some of them will cost you tens of thousands to start off, others are totally free or really cheap to kickstart. 

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