How to Make £800 a Month in the UK: 11 Realistic Methods

How to Make £800 a Month in the UK

If you want to learn how to make £800 a month in the UK, you’re on the right page. 

It’s a lot of money honestly, and don’t expect me to say it’d be easy to do just that. 

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It won’t be easy. 

You won’t be breaking rocks, but you’ll be taking risks and doing a lot of brain work – analysis and content production and learning too – just to make £800 a month in the UK. 

The truth is, you can make a lot of money with enough smart work in place. 

That said, here are 11 ways to make £800 a month in the UK (or £10k+ a year; and even more). 

How to Make £800 a Month in the UK: 11 Realistic Methods. 

1. Start blogging for money. 

Blogging is not the best or the quickest way to make money in the real world, but it’s definitely one way to build wealth on the side and generate passive income with the potential to exponentially appreciate. 

So, yes, blogging is one of the methods on how to make £800/month in the UK.

You pick a niche, launch your blog, create unique content and monetize your blog. 

It takes time to see results from blogging, and it’s just the same with every other business. 

Plus, there’s almost no risk in the blogging business. 

It’s just time and effort. 

When looking to build an £800 per month or £10k+ per year blog (and both is possible), you have to be intentionally consistent. 

Click here to get started. 

2. Do real estate. 

While there are several ways you can make a lot of money every month in the United Kingdom as a realtor, I’m particular about house flipping – buying and selling of houses. 

It’s not free and you’ll need to start with one or more properties (if you have the financial resources). 

You buy a house, a land or an apartment, renovate it or leave it for some time and resell it. 

The longer you wait to sell, the higher I’ll appreciate in value. 

You can flip houses, lands, properties and whatnot. 

And for the record it’s one of the games billionaires play – property flipping (which entails practically buying and selling properties worth millions and hundreds of millions of pounds). 

3. Promote affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing is another way to make £800 a month in the UK. 

It’s all about promoting affiliate products or products that you don’t own but you get paid whenever people buy them. 

To start out with affiliate marketing, you’ll need to sign up on different product manufacturer websites; the products you’d like to promote. 

It’s also very important that you understand how affiliate marketing works and how to make the best of it without wasting all the time in the world doing the wrong things. 

With affiliate marketing, you offer valuable information to the target audience you’re looking to sell the products to. 

When they find you, it’ll be easy to click on the buy button. 

4. Sell your premium services online. 

You can sell your services online. 

And this is best referred to as freelancing. 

So, if you’re good at anything at all, especially as it pertains to the internet, there are people right now who are willing to pay you some good cash just to help them out with your skill or service. 

Take for example, I’m good at writing. 

I can easily become a service seller as a freelancer online and get paid by people looking for freelance writing services. 

If you’re good at coding, writing, editing videos, creating memes, or translating different languages, you can get freelance jobs online to make so much money up to £800/month or £9,600 a year in the UK. 

You’re not going to make this overnight, and it might take you several months to hit this number. 

If you’re persistent and you’re really good at your skill, it’s possible to quickly become a highly paid freelancer

5. Event planning. 

Do you know how to plan events, are you sociable and outspoken? 

If you are, then event planning is for you. 

There are basic hacks to become a successful event planner, but you need to be sure that it’s actually for you. 

Event planning certainly joins the list of some of the best ways to make £800+ a month in the United Kingdom. 

Event planners basically take this up as a side hustle while they’re into other deals to make money. 

While it’s a side hustle for many, it can be your full-time hustle especially if you’re just starting out. 

6. Become a broker. 

A broker is someone who’s into anything. 

You can become a middleman broker in the UK online and offline. 

If you’re in the UK, you can take jobs and hire other people to do the job for you while you pay them off and keep the change from whatever you’ve been paid for the job. 

You can anchor construction jobs, hire laborers, take up programming or other internet related gigs and pay someone else to do them for you while you keep the other part of the money. 

For example, as a broker, you can help a seller to market a product and sell the product at a higher price than what the seller originally listed. 

So, if someone’s selling their car for £22,000 pounds, you can promote the car as a broker and list it for £26,000 pounds. 

If you get a buyer at that price, you keep the extra £4,000 pounds. 

As a broker, you can outsource any service and play the mediator role in any transaction just to keep a profit. 

You can also broker anything and take it as a side hustle while you do other things to make more money sustainably. 

You won’t always get services to outsource and you won’t always get products to sell. 

Hence the need for a more sustainable income channel. 

Without a doubt, this is one of the ways to make £800 a month in the UK. 

7. Drop-shipping.

Drop-shipping is a really simple business and you can start doing it today. 

But before you get started, understand what it is and how to become successful at it. 

Being a 100% internet-based business, you can do this from your home to make £800 a month and 

Drop-shipping doesn’t require you to have a lot of money. 

With as little as £120 pounds, you can start a drop-shipping business online. 

Plus, drop-shipping is a real way to generate passive income on the internet regardless of where you live. 

8. Trade crypto assets. 

Making a lot of money in the real world depends on how much risk you’re willing to take too. 

In the crypto world, you need to take more risks to make more money. 

So, if you want to make £800 a month in the UK, then trading crypto assets is one way out for sure. 

You learn to trade, you put in some money to trade the markets, and then you make money. 

It’s not as easy as this though because it takes time to learn and it takes even more time to gain experience. 

Crypto trading for many is a way to make quick money. 

But that’s not it.

You learn first then you can build wealth quickly by trading. 

9. Facebook/AdSense arbitrage. 

Adsense arbitrage is a real thing and it still works. 

I’ve come across some people who make over £5,000 a month doing AdSense arbitrage

The highest I’ve seen is over £38,000 pounds a month from AdSense arbitrage. 

So, if you want to make £800 a month in the UK, learn to do AdSense arbitrage. 

It’s all about buying traffic to a blog that’s monetized with Google Adsense. 

The more traffic you’re able to bring to the blog, the more money the ads on the blog will generate. 

With the working strategy, Adsense arbitrage can quickly turn into a system to print money at will. 

And legally too. 

Not to print money like the bank prints banknotes, but to make money. 

10. Publish your book. 

There’s a lot you’re probably knowledgeable about. 

And if you start listing I might just keep writing. 

Whether it’s a professional field of interest or a hobby or a vocation or an area/endeavor in life like making money or relationships, you can write a book around it and publish it offline and online. 

The work is in writing the book

Once you’re done writing your book, the publishing company can bother about publishing it with directives from you as to what you’d like the book’s design and presentation to be like. 

With a good book of your own in the market, that’s passive income and you could generate over £35k per month or year in sales depending on how the market receives your book.

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11. Digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is not a skill everybody has. 

Now, there are thousands of people on the internet who are actively looking for good digital marketing agencies to present them with the best digital marketing services

And this is just because they want to either gain exposure, want to reach more clients online or want to boost their sales. 

While everyone doesn’t have digital marketing skills, anyone can learn them. 

With the help of Google Digital Garage, you can learn digital marketing and even bag a certificate from Google to woo your clients. 

Once you’re good at digital marketing, you can take remote jobs and freelance gigs revolving around digital marketing – and they pay well. 

And yes, it’s one of the realistic ways to make £800 a month in the United Kingdom. 

How to Make £800 a Month in the UK: 11 Realistic Methods – Final Words.

In reality, some of the effective methods to make as much as £800 a month in the UK include digital marketing, publishing your own book, blogging, doing real estate, affiliate marketing, selling your services, event planning, business/services brokerage, drop-shipping, crypto trading, and AdSense arbitrage. 

Trust me, these methods really work. 

Educate yourself on any of them and excel. 

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