How to Make $900 a Day: 10 Unique & Realistic Ideas

Making as much money as $900 a day isn’t unrealistic. In fact, it’s very possible. And this article seeks to show you the best ways that this is possible. You can make $900 dollars a day by starting some hustle online and offline. Whether you commit to it full-time or you allot some time to growing them on the side, they retain the capacity to generate as much money for you. 

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Basically, these are business ventures and ideas that can generate millions if you’re able to start and scale them. With that said, here are 10 realistic ways to make as much as $900 a day.

How to Make $900 a Day: 10 Unique & Realistic Ideas. 

1. Start a grocery store. 

A grocery store can generate much more than $900 a day for you. You’ll need to have the funds to start it and start off from the right location. A grocery store is a million dollar investment. This doesn’t mean that you need to have a million dollars to build it. It means you can generate millions of dollars off it in a single year. Some grocery stores, the mega ones, generate over $1m+ per month from sales. Gross profit for some can exceed this figure too. 

But you want to make $900 a day, the challenge would be having the funds to make this happen. If you’re eligible, you can take a bank loan just to start this up. Taking a bank loan to build your own grocery store is good debt and will lead to greater ROIs, juicy enough for you to pay up the loan in a few months. 

2. Sell items online. 

Another way to make $900 a day is to sell items online. There are different things you can sell online. From printables to clothes and jewelry, the list of things to sell online is inexhaustible. At the end of the day, it depends on how much of an effort you’re putting into your craft. If you want to sell things online to make $900 a day, it’s a lot of work. You can gain control over your own business by starting an online store and promoting it to reach the right audience. 

Through social media and search engine ads, you’ll be able to reach more people with a few bucks for promotion. And the more people you’re able to get in your store, the more sales you’ll make with the right design, copies, and call to actions in place. 

3. Trade online financial markets. 

Trading online is a more precise way to make money. But you don’t get too greedy here, else you’ll lose your entire investment. Basically, you’ll need to learn about trading the online financial markets before putting your money there. 

It’s not a 100% guaranteed way to make money online, but you could make $900 a day from trading if you’re really good and you have the fat capital to trade with. Some of the financial markets you want to consider learning include the stock market, forex, crypto, OTC, money market, and the bond market. 

The good thing about all of these financial markets is that there’s a basic knowledge when it comes to trading them. This means that you can trade one market with the knowledge of another market. Overall, understanding the underlying risks and learning to avert them will make you a better trader with fewer losses. More wins. 

4. Start a blog of your own. 

Blogging is one of the most realistic ways on how to make $900 a day. This would mean making an estimated $30k a month blogging. It’s doable, but it requires an enormous amount of work. And no, it doesn’t take forever. It depends on your blogging strategies and your niche; how profitable your niche is. When it comes to blogging, it’s more than just writing. But you can also make $30,000 a month by writing content consistently in quality and in large volumes over the course of time. It’s a more demanding way to build a blog, but at the end of the tunnel there’s a light that’s not dim. 

Blogging is also one of the side hustles that you can do on the side to make money. You’ll be surprised how much money you can make from a blog if you commit the time and effort to building it the right way. If you’re not blogging right now, this is the right time to start a blog. There’s no better time than now, and this guide is all you need

5. Start podcasting. 

Podcasting is similar to blogging, but this time you’ll be creating video/audio content that people can watch and listen to. Podcasting is for people who want to reach out to the world; people who’d rather not have a hands-off approach to building a content platform online. Like me, a lot of bloggers out there don’t want to get known and they really don’t want their names to be everywhere. They just want to create content, monetize their blog and make money. It’s cool, but not always. So, if you’re unlike me, then you’d want to be a podcaster. 

You can start by learning how it works, and for sure, you can generate a lot of money from podcasting, but you’ll make more if you’re passionate about it and you just want to create some really captivating content and get heard. Making $900 a day off a podcasting channel is no big deal. You can make this from a YouTube channel off a podcasting channel, and generate more from the podcasting channel itself. 

For example if you’re able to start off a podcasting channel, it’s going to be on the web, on a website. You can create a YouTube channel for this podcasting and channel and also post your podcasts on YouTube. Video podcasts get more traction. 

6. Create a YouTube channel. 

YouTube is becoming more and more addictive with the shorts; they’re more interesting than what you’d find on Tiktok though IMHO. So, the key to making money on YouTube is to be creative and consistent with quality in mind. Pick a niche, find topics people aren’t talking about in that niche, create the most comprehensive, engaging, high quality, and captivating content around these topics and let the magic begin. 

With YouTube SEO at work, you can compete with the biggest channels in your niche if you’re able to capitalize on the CECOQ (Consistency, Engagement, Captivation, Optimisation, Quality) approach. CECOQ is just a term I coined like now

7. Sell courses online. 

Selling courses is one of the most realistic ways on how to make $900 a day. You can sell a course that’s really epic and original. The higher the price, the more you’ll make. So, if you’re good at something and you want to make money off your knowledge, consider creating your own course. 

There are tons of people out there willing to buy your course; willing to pay to know what you already know. All you have to do is to make sure your course is actually worth it. With the aim to make $900/day, that’s $30k/month. Or a little less than that; precisely $27,900 (for the longest 31-day months). 

So, you put everything you know into one mega course and sell it online. It’ll sell fast if you already have a ton of people looking up to you or if you have a web magnet like a blog, YouTube channel or a social media page with hundreds of thousands of web traffic. 

8. Do affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is one way a lot of people generate passive income on the internet. It’s free to get started with affiliate marketing, and if you do it the right way, you can make $900 a day passively. It’s not going to be $900 dollars every single day. 

It can be less or more. It depends on sales. You could make sales one day and the next day there’s a void. That’s how affiliate marketing works. Unless you have a lot of traction online and you’re able to attract a lot of users online, then affiliate marketing can be unstable. 

But if you’re able to pull a ton of web traffic and you’re able to convert this web traffic really well, you’ll see sales every single day. The more people buy these affiliate products that you promote, the more money you’ll make in the form of commissions. 

9. Develop your web tool. 

With a web tool, you can generate passive income. This is realistic if you have an idea for a web tool and you’re willing to spend some more money to promote your web tool. It’s not free to have something like this, and it can print mind-blowing revenue over time if you’re able to monetize your web tool pretty well. The first point of monetization for a web tool is subscriptions. If people pay to access it, then that’s a no-brainer for a primary monetization method. If clients can subscribe to use the web tool it’s cool. It’s good money. 

There are other ways to monetize a web tool, and since it’s going to be on the web, you can always make use of AdSense, placing a simple ad below the fold. Another way is to make available different plans so that people can pay higher for more features and pay less for fewer features. Whether they pay more or less, you’re in profit. 

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10. Start your own restaurant. 

If you’re a chef, then you can start your own restaurant to make $900 a day. You could make more and the bulk of the work would be to start off the right way, and to get the perfect location. Starting a food business like a restaurant is a gold mine. This is because people eat food every single day, more than once. And if you’re able to give them the best meal, you’ll take all the money. You don’t really need to be a chef, but you’ll need to know how the business works if you must start it. 

Depending on the size of your restaurant, it’s possible to bag anywhere from $500 (for really small restaurants) to $50,000 a day. Mega restaurants like Subway are another dimension. 

How to Make $900 a Day: 10 Unique & Realistic Ideas – Final Words. 

In the real world, if you want to make $900 a day, some of the things you can do include developing your own web tool (which is a bit expensive), launching a grocery store, affiliate marketing, owning a restaurant, course sales online, YouTube channel development, podcasting, blogging, selling items online, and online trading. 

It depends on how much effort you put into growing your business (online or offline) the right way. With these ideas and options, making $1,000 bucks every day is realistic too. 

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