How to Make an Extra £200 a Week in the UK: 10 Smart Ideas

How to Make an Extra £200 a Week in the UK

If you’re looking to boost your income and make an extra £200 a week in the UK, you’re in the right place. 

In today’s dynamic economic landscape, there are numerous creative and practical avenues to explore, whether you’re seeking a part-time gig, considering freelancing, or simply looking for innovative ways to supplement your earnings. 

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This guide will delve into a range of strategies and opportunities that can help you achieve that goal, ensuring financial stability and flexibility in your daily life. 

So, let’s embark on the journey to discover how to enhance your income by £200 a week in the UK.

How to Make an Extra £200 a Week in the UK: 10 Smart Ideas 

Freelance Writing 

Freelance writing is a versatile and rewarding way to boost your income by an extra £200 a week in the UK. With the rise of online content, businesses, websites, and publications are constantly on the lookout for skilled writers to create engaging and informative articles. 

To excel in this field, consider identifying your niche or area of expertise. Whether it’s technology, health, finance, or lifestyle, specialization can set you apart and make it easier to find high-paying clients. 

Utilize online job boards and freelance platforms to connect with potential clients. Additionally, building a professional portfolio showcasing your work can make you more appealing to those seeking freelance writers. 

Writing consistently, meeting deadlines, and providing high-quality content are key to maintaining long-term relationships with clients. Over time, as your reputation grows, you can command higher rates for your writing services. 

UX Designing 

If you have a knack for design and user experience, breaking into the world of UX (user experience) designing can be a lucrative endeavor to earn an extra £200 a week in the UK. UX designers play a crucial role in crafting user-friendly interfaces for websites and applications.

To get started, building a solid portfolio of your work is essential. Showcase your design skills and problem-solving ability. You can gain experience by offering your services to small businesses or startups. Moreover, keep an eye on job listings and freelance websites for UX design opportunities. Staying updated with the latest design trends and tools is crucial in this field.

Software like Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD are commonly used for UX design. Collaboration with web developers, graphic designers, and content creators may also be necessary to create a seamless user experience.

Flip Items Online 

Turning a profit by flipping items online is an innovative and increasingly popular way to make that extra £200 a week in the UK. This approach involves finding underpriced items, often at thrift stores, garage sales, or online marketplaces, and reselling them at a higher price. Success in this venture requires a keen eye for valuable items and knowledge of market trends. 

You’ll need to research which products are in demand and their potential resale value. Platforms like eBay, Amazon, or Facebook Marketplace can serve as your selling channels.

Remember that effective online item flipping involves more than just buying low and selling high; it also demands marketing, customer service, and a strong understanding of online selling platforms

With dedication and an analytical approach, you can turn your knack for finding hidden treasures into a profitable venture.


For those with access to a car, the world of ride-sharing provides an opportunity to make extra income on a flexible schedule. Services like Uber and Lyft offer a platform to connect drivers with passengers who need transportation. Becoming a ride-sharing driver is relatively straightforward. You’ll need to meet the vehicle requirements and complete the necessary background checks. 

Once approved, you can set your own hours and choose when you want to work. Efficiency and excellent customer service are the cornerstones of success in the ride-sharing business. 

Keeping your vehicle clean, providing a safe and comfortable ride, and being punctual can lead to positive ratings and, in turn, more ride requests. By dedicating some time to this gig, you can consistently earn money towards your goal of an extra £200 a week.

Online Tutoring 

Online tutoring is a highly rewarding way to make an extra £200 a week in the UK while helping others succeed in their academic endeavors. If you have expertise in a particular subject, there is a demand for your knowledge.

Platforms like and Wyzant connect tutors with students seeking assistance in various subjects. You can set your own rates and availability, making it a flexible option that fits your schedule. 

To excel as an online tutor, it’s crucial to have strong communication skills, patience, and the ability to explain complex topics in a clear and understandable manner. Preparing lesson plans and providing feedback on students’ progress will help you build a solid reputation as a tutor.

Delivery Gigs 

The surge in online shopping has led to a growing demand for delivery drivers. Services like DoorDash, UberEats, and Amazon Flex offer opportunities to earn money by delivering food or packages to customers. Becoming a delivery driver is relatively simple; you’ll need a vehicle, a smartphone, and a willingness to deliver orders within a specified radius. 

The flexibility of this work allows you to choose your own working hours. Efficiency and professionalism are essential in this field. Timely deliveries and good customer service can lead to better tips and increased earnings. Delivery gigs are ideal for those seeking a part-time or side job to supplement their income.


For individuals who enjoy working outdoors and have a green thumb, offering landscaping services can be a reliable path to earning extra money. Landscaping tasks, such as lawn care, gardening, and landscape maintenance, are frequently in demand, especially during the spring and summer seasons.

Starting a landscaping business or offering services independently may require basic equipment and tools. Word of mouth and local advertising can help you attract clients. 

Providing quality service, maintaining punctuality, and delivering what you promise are key to building a loyal customer base. Consider offering seasonal services like snow removal in the winter to maintain a consistent income throughout the year.

Proofreading as a Freelance 

Attention to detail and strong grammar skills can be harnessed as a freelance proofreader to earn that extra £200 a week in the UK. Many content creators, authors, and businesses seek proofreaders to review their work for errors, ensuring polished and error-free content. Starting as a freelance proofreader can be as simple as creating an online presence through a website or profiles on platforms like Upwork or Freelancer. 

Showcase your skills by offering free initial consultations or proofreading samples of potential clients’ work. Continuous learning and staying updated on grammar and style guides are crucial in this field. 

Tools like Grammarly and Hemingway Editor can assist in proofreading, but a human touch is often needed for more comprehensive editing. Building a reputation for high-quality work can lead to increased opportunities and higher rates.


For those who possess a passion for writing but don’t necessarily desire authorship, ghostwriting is a discreet yet profitable option. As a ghostwriter, you write content, whether it’s books, articles, or other materials, for clients who take credit for your work. Ghostwriting opportunities can be found through literary agencies, freelance platforms, or by networking with authors and content creators. 

Many well-known figures and experts hire ghostwriters to articulate their ideas and stories effectively. Maintaining confidentiality and the ability to adapt to various writing styles are crucial skills in ghostwriting. 

This work often requires you to capture the client’s voice and vision accurately. Building a portfolio that demonstrates your versatility as a writer can help you stand out in the competitive world of ghostwriting.

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Gutter Cleaning 

Gutter cleaning is a more traditional yet reliable way to earn extra income in the UK. It involves the essential task of cleaning gutters, which many homeowners tend to overlook but is crucial for maintaining their properties. To start a gutter cleaning business or offer your services, you’ll need some basic equipment like a ladder, gloves, and tools for removing debris

Promote your services locally through word of mouth, flyers, or online listings. This job is particularly seasonal, with high demand during the autumn months when leaves clog gutters. 

Punctuality, thoroughness, and a commitment to safety are essential when providing gutter cleaning services. By building a good reputation in your community, you can secure recurring clients and maintain a steady income stream.

How to Make an Extra £200 a Week in the UK: 10 Smart Ideas – Summary 

In conclusion, there is no shortage of opportunities for making an extra £200 a week in the UK. The diverse array of choices we’ve explored, from freelance writing and UX designing to flipping items online and offering ride-sharing services, provides you with a spectrum of options to suit your skills, interests, and available time. 

Whether you’re looking to leverage your expertise in a particular field, offer your services online, or simply embrace the gig economy, there’s a path to financial enhancement waiting for you. Online tutoring, delivery gigs, and even traditional roles like landscaping, gutter cleaning, proofreading, and ghostwriting offer additional avenues to explore. 

Your potential to achieve that £200-a-week goal is within reach, and the key lies in your dedication, commitment, and the willingness to seize the opportunities that align with your strengths. 

By taking action and embracing the ever-evolving landscape of work, you can not only bolster your income but also enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with these diverse income-boosting options. 

So, go ahead, embark on your journey, and watch your financial horizons expand. Your path to an extra £200 a week is there for the taking.

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