6 Best Jobs that Pay $1,000 an Hour without a Degree

Jobs that Pay $1,000 an Hour without a Degree

Are you looking for the best jobs that pay $1,000 an hour without a degree? 

You’re on the right page and the good news is that you can make much more than just $1,000 an hour with these jobs. 

Today, a lot of people earn so much in just an hour, but not overnight. 

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Making $1,000 an hour without a degree means you’ll never have to work again in your entire life. 

And it’s really a lot of money to last you for a lifetime if it’s passively generated. 

Can I really make $1,000 an hour?

Yes you can. By building wealth systems and putting everything under control, this is possible. 

But still, it takes a lot of time to organize an offline business to the point where it makes you money without your intervention. 

It also takes a while to build an online business to the stage where it becomes a $1k/hour income stream. 

How much is $1,000 an hour in a day?

In a day, $1k an hour makes you $24k. 

That’s if your business runs 24/7 (the whole day). 

But if your self-employed job is an offline business with opening and closing hours, it’s $10k in 10 hours of operation. 

How much is $1,000 an hour in one week?

Making $24k a day in 7 days if it’s an online business without observation for weekends, you have a total of $168k in a week. 

With an offline self-employed business, then that’s $120k in five working days. 

How much is $1,000 an hour in one month?

Making $168k in a full week or $120k in 5 days amounts to a ridiculous $672k or $480k respectively in a month. 

How much is $1,000 an hour in a year?

In one year, you’ll be making $8.06 million (from $672k in a month), or $5.76 million (from $480k monthly). 

Now this isn’t something that’s totally impossible. 

In fact you can build a business to $10 million dollars a year, and even $20 million dollars. 

It all depends on effort, strategy, and your ability to wait things out. 

Now these are ONLINE self-employed jobs that pay $1,000 an hour a lot more. 

You can definitely make this every hour with an offline job, but this list focuses on some of the most juicy online jobs or businesses that can really make you life-changing money. 

6 Best Jobs that Pay $1,000 an Hour without a Degree. 

1. Crypto exchange. 

If you want $1k to sit right in the middle of your bank account or add a notch on your net worth every hour, then building a crypto exchange like Binance, Coinbase, and CoinGecko is one way to make it happen. 

Intense marketing, and the uniqueness of your product (or your crypto exchange) will make it stand out from the cadre of already existing exchanges. 

Basically, you want to follow these steps to launch an app like this. 

  • Understand crypto: The key to building something from scratch without flukes is to understand it in totality. So before thinking about launching your own version of Binance or CoinGecko, understand how crypto works. It’s a lot to take in. Understanding everything about cryptocurrencies and the terms will definitely take a while. But it’ll be worth it. You want to educate yourself so it’s easy for you to conceptualize ideas and convey them to other people (your team, partners, influencers, and developers).
  • Draw out a software architecture: After taking out time to fully understand the crypto market, you want to draw out the user and transaction journey of your crypto exchange. This process includes coming up with a brand icon, brand color mix, the interface, design, navigation, features, and transaction procedures. It takes anywhere from weeks to months to fully put all of these into perspective. 
  • Get a developer (or more developers): If you’re not a good developer, there’s really no need to start learning to code just because you want to build a crypto exchange. Hire a skill. Get a developer to work with you on this one, or a host of software developers. If you can shell out the money to recruit, then recruit software developers based on experience rather than longevity or skill. 
  • Integrate a monetization scheme: You want to make $1,000 an hour, yes? So it makes a lot of sense to integrate monetization strategies in the background of your crypto exchange software. It’s not going to be a free tool to transfer and keep cryptos. But with every transaction, there should be a consistent fee attached. To keep a gentle and professional outfit on the design, you don’t want your crypto exchange to be cluttered with Google ads or ads by any other ad network. 
  • Promote your software: After all the work is done, next up is to put your software out there and get traction, because without it, you won’t make a dime. Team up with social media influencers in the crypto space, integrate an affiliate or referral system to motivate word of mouth and referrals. Also run social media ads frequently to amplify your exposure. 

2. Games development. 

Have you ever played a game with tons of ads or a game asking you to purchase more points just to overcome an enemy or win the current level? 

Well these games are no small earners. 

From developing addictive games (and yes your game needs to be addictive), there’s a fat chance you can generate steady hourly income (if not per minute or second income). 

It’s not cheap to develop one unless you’re one hell of a programmer. 

But one of the most important parts of building a software from scratch is marketing. 

No matter how addictive a game is, if no one gets to use it, it’s not going to generate any revenue. 

So, think about marketing and carry out a feasibility study to know what makes a game addictive.

If you’re a complete beginner at coding, you don’t have to learn it to build a game (unless you want to). 

3. Ride-sharing app. 

A ride-sharing software like Uber and Lyft can generate a lot of money hourly. 

That’s because thousands of drivers around the world run trips for them from which they collect their fees. 

But if you can build a software better than these, then earning an hourly income passively would quickly become a norm. 

It’s easy in theory, but in reality it takes more than just building softwares to make them successful. 

A lot of promotion, upgrade, and technical marketing is put into the entire growth play script. 

4. Ecommerce. 

With an ecommerce business, it’s easy to become a billionaire.

That last sentence would’ve been a lot more realistic 10 years ago when there was no deluge of ecommerce platforms to rival Amazon. 

Still, you can earn $1k an hour with an ecommerce platform run on the basis of adding value and satisfying needs. 

It’s super easy to build an ecommerce platform nowadays without writing a single line of code. 

But what happens after that determines if you’ll earn crickets, or $8.06 million dollars in the next couple of years. 

5. Media publishing blog. 

Yes, running a mega business blog is one of the best online jobs that pay $1,000 an hour without a degree. 

When it comes to running a mega business blog, more emphasis is on the business side of things where you hire more writers, register your blog as a business, draft a terms of policy, and take a step further to help visitors who become customers purchasing a service you render through the blog. 

It’s a drift from traditional blogging to business blogging implementing business policies and scaling up the entire content development process. 

A blog like Nerdwallet sits as the perfect example of a mega business blog. 

Well it’s worth over $500 million. 

That’s much more than an hourly revenue of $10k. 

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6. Photo/video editing software. 

Off this list of self-employed realistic online jobs that pay $1,000 an hour is photo and video editing software development. 

I mean, if you have softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Snapseed, or GIMP, you’re more likely to make $1,000 an hour from your software and even more money than not. 

One thing to keep in mind however is that you’re building softwares for people, and if nobody gets to use it, you make… crickets. 

So you want to forget about perfecting your photo/video editing software and put it out there to the world. 

Learn from the reviews they drop on the Play Store or Apple store, and run upgrades seasonally from the reviews your users put there. 

So much more than just writing codes and giving your software a fancy name, you don’t want to be a copycat mimicking the reigning softwares (like Adobe). 

This means you’ll thrive through uniqueness and smart marketing.

6 Best Jobs that Pay $1,000 an Hour without a Degree – Final Words. 

Whichever self-employed job or business you decide to launch off this list, you can make a large stack of money from it. 

Speaking of making money, these self-employed jobs make up some of the businesses that have transitioned a few people from nothing into billionaires. 

While this is a possibility (making $1,000 an hour), it’s not going to happen in 24 hours. 

Yes it can happen.

Earning $1,000 an hour is a rare possibility. 

But it’s possible. 

And it’s not happening anytime soon if you’re just getting started. 

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