How to Start Over with Nothing at 40: 9 Life Hacks to Champ from Zero!

How to Start Over with Nothing at 40

If you want to start over with nothing at 40, I’m glad you’re here because I’ve got you covered. 

By now, you have a lot of experience about life and people. 

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So, a lot of what I’ve got in store for you here could resonate with you. 

Or not. 

But then, these are some hacks that you can use to practically reboot your life (or perform some command prompts to jumpstart your life). 

If you’re serious about changing your life and starting over, then focus on what I’m about to let out to you. Here we go. 

How to Start Over with Nothing at 40: 9 Life Hacks to Champ from Zero! 

1. Think deep. 

Deep thinking is what you need at this point to start with. 

Think about all the things you didn’t do right. 

All the things you did right too. 

Think about the future and the way forward. 

Think about your purpose and if you’ve really discovered and walked in it. 

If you’re on this page right now because you don’t yet know or understand your purpose. 

And this is probably the first thing you need to do; and you can discover your purpose by thinking deeply about life first. 

Then, you think about the things you can do impeccably. 

Or near impeccably. 

As you initiate this thinking ritual, you should keep a book alongside a pen to write out your thoughts. 

Only the good ones. 

2. Reconnect.

Build your network again. 

If you have old but good friends, then you need to reach out to them. 

You can’t rise all by yourself. If you don’t have any good old friends, then make some new ones. 

Start from the internet; you can get to meet lots of people online. 

There are different places and different avenues for you to meet new people online and offline. 

However, you should build your network of friends and acquaintances. 

Primarily, your friends have to be people who can relate with you on many grounds particularly on areas where you’re deeply interested in. 

3. Prioritize people. 

At 40, it’s probably one of the best times for you to know that everyone will not take you very seriously. 

Some will. 

And these are the ones you want to give your undivided attention to. 

So, prioritize people. 

Get to know who you should be spending the most of your time with. 

If you’re not in love right now, you should fall in love again. 

The point is; you should know the most important people in your life and the ones that care less about you. 

Right now’s not the time to seek anyone’s approval, especially the people you don’t prioritize (who mostly will be the same people that care less). 

Take this seriously. 

4. Set goals. 

A life without goals is a life without purpose. 

If you’ve got purpose (and everyone does), then you need to set goals. 

Starting over at 40 with nothing, put your goals in front of you. 

Write out the things you’d like to achieve in the coming months or years. 

Or even weeks. 

Give yourself the timeframe to achieve your goals and reward yourself when you do. 

Overall, you just need to have goals in life at 40.

Take a look at where you are right now. 

Take a peep into where you’d like to be in the future. 

Set your goals to get there, and stamp a time tag to every goal.

Plan your life out from now at 40. 

It’s the best time for you to do this and you can’t go back in time. 

Only forward. 

5. Incorporate a simple workout routine.

Work out. 

Many people believe that working out has its own way of building up your confidence

And you burn fat too by working out. 

If you’re starting over at 40 and you’ve got nothing, then this is something that you definitely need to start doing. 

You’re starting over; this means you need to be more confident, thorough, honest, calm, stable financially, and emotionally tamed. 

Working out will go a long way to put your physique and emotions in check; and emotional control is pertinent for success. 

6. Get a job.

If you’ve got nothing, this means you’ll need to work to earn something. 

Other than working to make money or to earn some cash, you also get to meet new people at your workplace. 

Getting a day job isn’t the best way to get money. 

But the essence of this is more than making some cash. 

It’ll teach you the real value of money. 

Now, at 40, you need to understand that money has value and if you don’t understand the value of money, you’ll fail at saving and fail at building something big from little. 

Working 30 days to make some money that’s not 6 figures or even 5 figures a month instills some mindset about money that fraternizes with the value system of money. 

7. Save up to invest. 

Save up some money. 

And this is because you’ll need money to invest in opportunities. 

From your day job, you should save money. 

You’re not saving to become rich. 

And you can’t become rich from saving the income off a 9 to 5 unless you’re an investment banker or some hedge fund manager.

For example, if you get paid $8,000 a month after taxes, and you get to save 60% of that money, you keep $4,800 a month. 

In a year, you get to save $57,600 dollars. 

In 10 years, that’s $576,000 dollars. 

This isn’t a lot of money for 10 years of savings. 

And there’s a very tiny chance you’ll get a day job paying $8,000 a month. 

So, save up money to invest in other opportunities that can generate more than 6 figures every month for you. 

8. Understand and invest in the financial markets.

Invest in the financial market

But understand it first. 

If you want to start over with nothing at 40, this is a very important knowledge stack that you must acquire. 

In the 21st century, there’s nothing legal that can generate tons of money for you like the financial markets. 

I mean, your life could change in a matter of months if you’re passionate. 

The financial markets will always be there for you, and at 40, you’ve got a lot of time to learn and unlearn anything pertaining to investing in the financial markets. 

You also want to learn the basics of trading the financial markets for profitable returns. 

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9. Start a side hustle. 

You definitely need a side hustle for several reasons. 

The first is, you need something to build up in the background of your life. 

Something that can generate a lot of money for you in the long run so that you don’t have a couple of assets to bank on in your 50s and 60s (onwards). 

Building a side hustle at the backend of your life especially when you’ve got enough spare time can have a drastically positive ROI sooner or later depending on the kind of side hustle. 

While some side hustles can take you to $300/week or even $1,000 a month, other side hustles can generate $10,000 a month and even more for you. 

But you’ll never have them if you never started them. 

If you’ve got nothing and you want to start over at 40, a side hustle is one of the many things you should be doing and it’s the last in this list for a reason. 

Some of the side hustles you can start and build on the side of your life include:

  • Blogging 
  • Drop-shipping
  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital product sales 
  • Financial markets trading 

Not all of them can be passive income streams, but you can learn them and do them on the side of your life while you work a 9 to 5, reconnect, save up money, do more workout, set goals and find your purpose. 

It’s not too much. 

Also, you just need to pick one or two of these side hustles to focus on.

While trading the financial markets can’t major as a passive income stream, it’s probably one of the many side hustles you can do to get to where you want to be (financially). 

Another good thing is that all of these side hustles I listed for you to start up can be done from your home. 

You can do them straight from your bedroom with internet connection and your PC. 

How to Start Over with Nothing at 40: 9 Life Hacks to Champ from Zero! – Final Words. 

Starting over with nothing at 40 is possible and doable, and it could be the best thing that happened to you because 40 is still really young. 

Maybe not as young as 25 or 30 or 11 – but you stand a chance to revolutionize your financial and psychological well-being. 

Some of the methods that’ll work include starting a side hustle, understanding and investing in the financial markets, saving up money, making plans, reconnecting with your friends and family and colleagues, thinking deeply, getting a job to trigger cash flow, prioritizing people in your life, setting goals, and working out. 

Trust me, you need to start by thinking deeply. 

Not bitterly. 

But deeply and productively.

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