11 Best Jobs that Pay £25,000 a Year in the UK

Jobs that Pay £25,000 a Year in the UK

What are some of the best jobs that pay £25,000 a year in the UK? 

You’ll get them right in this blog post. 


I only share self-employed jobs on this blog and you’re not going to find anything having to do with 9 to 5 jobs or jobs that require you to get a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree. 

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Moving on, some of these self-employed jobs can definitely print much more money than £25,000 a year in the United Kingdom for you. 

Straight-up, here they are. 

11 Best Jobs that Pay £25,000 a Year in the UK. 

1. Affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is one way you can get rich without spending a lot of money or any money at all. 

It’s simple – you register for an affiliate program to become an affiliate marketer and then you just start promoting products to get sales. 

Depending on the number of sales you get, that’s how much money you’ll make. 

The amount of money you make as an affiliate marketer is also determined by the rate of commission of the products you’re promoting. 

The higher the commission rate, the more money you’ll earn. 

So, if you’re promoting a product worth £432 pounds with a 10% commission rate, you’ll get £43.2 pounds for every sale you generate. 

This means for every 10 sales, you get £43.2 × 10, which is $432 pounds. 

If you generate 20 sales, you get £43.2 × 20, which is £864 pounds. 

The more affiliate marketing you do, that’s the more you’ll learn eventually. 

The thing is, affiliate marketing can make you much more money than you can think of if you do it the right way and you’re consistent. 

For sure, it’s one of the best self-employed jobs that pay £25,000 a year in the UK, and you don’t really have to leave your home to do it. 

The income you get from doing this is passive, and it could balloon overtime based on your efforts – doing affiliate marketing the right way. 

2. Blogging. 

Without any doubt, blogging is one of the best jobs that pay £25,000 a year in the UK, and you can make this money in a month with time if you’re consistently growing a blog. 

For the record, it’s not going to be an easy walk to grow a blog. It really isn’t. 

Maybe it takes a few minutes to start a blog and get it online, but it takes a while to grow your blog especially if you pick a competitive niche to blogging. 

Picking the right niche for your blog is where success begins. The niche is everything about the blog – the topic and purpose. 

So, before you start a blog, you’ll want to think of what exactly to blog about. 

Once you get this right, then you can start your blog right away. 

I already have a guide, a really simple guide to walk you through the blog setup process seamlessly. Click here to access it. 

3. Ride-sharing. 

If you own a car in the UK, you can make £25,000 a year working as a ride-share driver for Uber, Bolt, Lyft, or other ride-sharing services. 

Plus, working for multiple ride-sharing services will make you more money if you know what you’re doing and how to take advantage of their varying fees and prices. 

The thing is, tons of people in the UK depend on ride-sharing to make a living. 

They’re actively running their families from the income they make driving people around the city. 

You can too.

You just need to have a vehicle of your own, and then register for these services in the UK. 

As a ride-share driver, you can earn up to £180/day on average. 

The more you work, the more you earn. 

So, £180/day runs into £3,600 a month if you work for 20 days in a month and take 10 days off. 

In one year, that’s £43,200 pounds. 

Take out the expenses for the year and you’ll still be left with enough money. 

Maybe up to £25k or less. 

4. AdSense arbitrage.

If you want to make money at will, I recommend learning the ways of AdSense arbitrage. I’d rather call this blogging on steroids. 

And this is because you can create a blog and start making thousands of pounds from it just after a week or a month of going live with the blog. 

That’s the power of AdSense arbitrage. Firstly, you start a blog in a profitable niche and just great really good content. 

Depending on the time it takes you to create the content, say 40+ good long-form blog posts, then you can apply for Google ads. 

These ads are from Google and you’ll earn money when people click on them. 


How to get the people, right? 

You’ll get them by promoting the content on Facebook. 

Or by buying cheap traffic from other sources. 

The point is to make more money than the one you spend trying to buy traffic. 

All of this is possible with the right AdSense arbitrage strategy. It’s basically printing money at will. 

The fact that you can do everything sitting in your bedroom makes this one of the best jobs that pay £25,000 a year in the UK. 

Plus, you could make more money once you already have a working strategy from start to finish. 

5. Website flipping. 

Flipping websites means reselling websites for profit. You buy a website for £27,000 and resell it for £34,000 pounds. 

With a profit of £7,000 pounds, you can do this more than 10 times in one year to make £70,000 pounds in the UK. 

You could make more or less profit and it depends on the website you’re looking to flip. The catch is you’ll need to have some money to buy websites. 

And it’ll take you some time to start making these figures if you only have a couple hundred pounds to start with. 

You’re better off starting a blog from scratch that you can grow into an online money making machine that generates over £25,000 a year after 1 or 2 years. 

If you can do this, selling this website after a year or two can earn you up to £90,000 pounds – which is more than 3 years of £25k income (or £75k). 

6. Course sales. 

Creating a course and selling it online to people who might be interested in buying the course is another job that pays over £25,000 in the UK. 

It’s not a white-collar job, and you don’t need to spend years or even months to create a course for sale. 

Once you’re good at something, you can make a course online and there are thousands of people who are more than willing to buy your course. 

The thing is, you don’t really need to be a professional at something for you to create a course. You just need to be knowledgeable enough to create a course

Again, there are tools online to make the course creation process an easy walk. 

Depending on the quality of your course and how much you’re able to promote it alongside a great copy to increase sales, you can make anything from £100 to £400,000+ a year (depending on the price of the course too). 

7. Drop-shipping. 

You’ll find a ton of drop-shipping tutorials on the internet, and you’ll need to understand what exactly drop-shipping is all about first, before taking the necessary steps to start one for yourself. 

It can definitely generate over £25,000 a year for you once you’re good at it. 

Understand that there’s no rush and you’ll learn more about drop-shipping by watching YouTube videos (or videos on any other platform about drop-shipping). 

It’s a way to build wealth on the internet and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to start doing this. 

Basically, drop-shipping is ecommerce brokerage. 

You play the middleman and keep a cut from every sale your store generates. Not as simple as this though, but that’s the basic concept of drop-shipping

8. Online clothing store. 

Similar to drop-shipping is an online clothing store. 

But it’s different because unlike drop-shipping, you’ll need to have an inventory. 

This is basically an ecommerce store but just for clothes. Launch a store online and upload photos of the clothes that you have in your stock. 

Yes, your stock. You’ll be buying clothes and taking photos of them. 

If you don’t have the capital to buy clothes yet, you can take photos of other clothes or items online and upload them to your store alongside their prices. 

Then, you’ll draft your payment policy to reflect only the upfront payment and there’ll be a no-refund policy. 

Basically, you can do this both ways – with a clothing stock or with no stock. 

The difference is in the efficiency of delivery and packaging. It’ll be easy to use your brand package if it’s your product or if you already have the item in your stock. 

If the item is with a different supplier, it’ll take time to order it from them, and repackage it so that it looks like it’s coming directly from you. 

Either way, making £25,000 a year with this online business model in the UK is realistic and attainable. 

9. Social media presence monetization.

If you’re famous on social media, you can transition the management and monetization of that fame online into a self-employed job that pays £25,000 a year in the UK, and maybe much more than that. 

This is depending on the number of followers you have, how engaged they are and what you’re famous for. 

Comedians really don’t make a lot of money off social media compared to tech and beauty influencers. 

And this is because tech and beauty or sports influencers have a lot of products they can promote on their page – giving them a fair share of some juicy earnings. 

So, as a social media influencer, you can promote products to make money, sell your items, and if you’re big on TikTok, you can make money from views, thanks to the creator fund program Tiktok initiated. 

10. YouTube. 

Another self-employed job that can pay £25k a year in the United Kingdom is YouTube content creation and monetization. Yeah. 

You’re not going to make a dime if you spend all the time in the world creating creative and unique and captivating content on YouTube without ever turning the monetization switch on. 

You’ve got to turn on the switch. And by switch, I don’t mean the light switch. 

I mean, the features and activities that can generate income for you. 

Basically, if you’re conversant with YouTube SEO, you’d be able to grow a YouTube channel faster than normal. 

So, learn before you earn here. 

It’s free to get started, but arm yourself with YouTube growth tips before moving a finger. 

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11. Programming. 

Coding is fun.

Debugging isn’t. 

Coding can be off sometimes, and tiring too. But then it’s all the process. 

However, if you’re good at writing codes, you can work as a freelancer to make £25,000 a year in the UK. 

All you do is simply find programming gigs online with the help of services or platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, Upwork, Craigslist, and Freelancer. 

You can also find remote jobs and gigs with Google Jobs. 

Trust me, it can take a while to get your first gig or remote job, but you will if you’re constantly on the hunt for jobs. 

Another way to turn your programming skills into one of many self-employed jobs that pay £25k a year in the UK is to create a programming course.

You can sell it online to students willing to pay to learn what you already know about a part or programming, a skill in programming or some programming topic you’re a pro in. 

11 Best Jobs that Pay £25,000 a Year in the UK – Final Words. 

While there are several self-employed jobs that can generate more than £25,000 pounds a year in the UK for you, my top 11 of these side hustles or self-employed jobs include programming, content creation on YouTube, becoming a social media superuser or influencer, launching a clothing store online, course sales, drop-shipping, website flipping, AdSense arbitrage, affiliate marketing, blogging, and ride-sharing. 

For the record, you can generate over £25k/year in the UK with these methods/jobs. But you’ll need to explore one or two of them. 

Or as many as you can simultaneously. 

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