12 Best Jobs that Pay £70k a Year in the UK

Jobs that Pay £70k a Year in the UK

Are you looking for the best jobs that pay £70k a year in the UK? 

You’re just in the right web page, and you should probably check out the resources here if you want to get rich in the UK or any part of the world that you’re in right now. 

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So, jobs that pay £70,000 a year in the UK, right? The jobs on this page that I list aren’t office jobs. 

They’re self-employed jobs and the good thing is that you can definitely make much more money every year. 

You run these jobs and you decide how profitable they get. 

Lastly, patience is key. Here are some jobs that can get you to £70k/year in the UK. 

12 Best Jobs that Pay £70k a Year in the UK.

1. Drop-shipping. 

In the real world, drop-shipping is definitely one of the best jobs that pay £70k a year in the UK. 

It’s all about building an online store and connecting that store to a real ecommerce store. 

While you can make tons of money from drop-shipping, it’s possible to also become a total fail at it. 

This facilitates the essence of learning about it before attempting to make money off the biz. 

Drop-shipping also guarantees passive income if you’re able to get the grasp of it. 

It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t take forever to get a working drop-shipping strategy. 

2. Blogging.

Another self-employed job that pays £70k a year in the UK and even more money is blogging. 

It’s really easy to start a blog, but to make £70,000 a year in the United Kingdom with a blog takes time and some serious work. 

To start a blog, you’ll need to focus on what you’re passionate about and it has to fall into a category of profitable niches. Some niches are profitable, some aren’t. 

And to make tons of money like £70k/year, you just need to focus on the profitable niches. 

Growing a blog from scratch takes time like already mentioned, but you don’t have to spend so much time figuring out what works. 

And that is because I’ve put together a simple guide to help you to launch your blog right away. Check it out

3. OF subscriptions. 

Right now, at the time of this writing, Onlyfans get more than 70 million views. 

The creators on the platform generate over £7k/month on the bare minimum average. 

And some creators earn as much as £3 million in a year. 

Whether you choose to go explicit rogue or stay clean without explicit content on your page on OF, you can generate an impressive income. 

If you’re able to hit the bare minimum average (BMA) of £7k per month, that’d be £84,000 pounds in a year. 

It’s a lot more than £70k with a long pole. 

So, you’ll need to actually learn how to make money on onlyfans before getting started on the platform. 

You learn and excel, and that’s how you make the money – by filling the knowledge gap. 

4. SMPM. 

SMI stands for social media presence monetization.

I initially called this Social Media Influencing

Or SMI. 

Basically, this means monetizing your fame on social media. 

If you’re famous on social media networks like Tiktok, or Instagram, then you can monetize this fame to make over £70k a year in the UK. 

If you’re really famous, then it’s high time you transitioned from a hobby social media star to a business-minded social media user – and this is only because you can generate life-changing income from your social media content. 

Some of the ways to monetize your presence on social media if you’re famous include selling your own products, promoting affiliate products, working with advertisers to post sponsored content, and generating income from social media views like it is with Tiktok.

5. Affiliate marketing. 

Another self-employed job that pays £70k a year in the UK includes affiliate marketing. 

Not just in the UK, from anywhere in the world you can become an affiliate marketer, and make tons of money. 

No jokes. 

First, you sign up for an affiliate marketer account on websites like Amazon or any other manufacturer website whose products you’d like to promote. 

Then you start promoting to get sales. 

If you’re able to generate a sale, you earn commissions. 

The more sales you generate, the more commissions you stand to earn. 

So, it’s a numbers game at the end of the day. 

You’ll need to learn all you can about affiliate marketing to scale. 

6. YouTube. 

People known as YouTubers generate thousands of pounds every single month off their content on a free YouTube channel. 

You can do the same too, and opening a YouTube channel is definitely one of the many self-employed jobs that can generate well over £70k pounds in the UK every year. 

If you’re good and smart when it comes to growing a YouTube channel, then you can take a channel from £0 to over £50k a month (with time and enough upfront work). 

Video editing skill is also very pertinent here – you need to learn how to make videos, good videos, so that you make them and upload them on your channel. 

In a nutshell, stick to a niche when launching a YouTube channel

8. Course sales. 

The sales of an information product whether it’s a course or a simple recipe will make you tons of money in the UK. 

But then, I’m particular about the sales of course right now, and it’s one of the self-employed jobs that can generate as much as £70k pounds in the UK for you. 

Course sales, especially if you’re teaching a digital skill, can turn out to be a primary source of passive income for you. 

Once you’re done creating the course, you can promote it to get across to thousands (if not millions) of interested potential students who’d be willing to buy your course. 

To keep getting sales, you’ll need to make sure your course delivers more than it campaigns to deliver. 

In essence, the course should have 3× more quality and value than the actual cost. 

If it’s £155 pounds, the content should be more valuable than £450 pounds. 

By this, people will get more for what they paid, earning you a good name. 

9. Forex trading. 

Trading Forex means trading foreign currencies of the world. 

You can trade the euro against the dollar, the yen against the dollar or the dollar against the pound. It’s just currencies. 

However, forex trading is also one of the self-employed jobs that pay £70,000 a year in the UK. 

It’s a self-employed job because you’ll need to treat it like one to make profits consistently – or to make profits more than you make losses. 

In essence, the skill to trade the financial markets profitably is a skill to print money legally once you can get the grasp of it. 

So, if you’re good at trading or you never traded the forex market a day in your life before, there are tons of materials on the internet to help you out. 

Keep learning, and you never get to become the master of the market.

10. Crypto trading. 

In the UK, you can trade crypto from your home to make £70k a year. 

This isn’t new, and it’s a completely different path to making money quick or getting rich fast. 

What I mean by “fast” would depend on your trading skill, your trading capital size, and the kind of crypto market you’re trading – whether it’s spot or futures. 

So, I’m particular about trading the futures market here because you can make more with little investment. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you could lose more too. 

Arm yourself with the skills and experience before trying this out. 

Another thing is having money set aside to trade with. 

This is because you don’t want your emotions to get in the way while you’re trading with an amount of money you’re not willing to lose. 

Trade with money you’re willing to lose, and with money you’re not depending on for survival. 

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11. Car dealership. 

Selling cars and keeping a cut from the sales whether it’s used cars or brand new vehicles, you can make £70k and even more in the UK. 

You’ll need to have the requisite documentation to start off something like this in your city, and you’ll need to have the necessary contacts and experience to begin with. 

Just saying, buying and selling cars in the UK is profitable. 

You don’t own the entire vehicle, you just make a cut off any sale you make. 

Plus, you’ll need a lot of money if you’re buying the cars first before reselling them for profit. 

12 Best Jobs that Pay £70k a Year in the UK – Final Words. 

In conclusion, some of the most realistic self-employed jobs that pay £70k a year in the UK include car dealership, crypto trading, Forex trading, creating and selling your own course or products online, opening a YouTube channel, affiliate marketing, social media presence monetization, OF subscriptions, blogging, and drop-shipping. 

Apparently, some of the jobs here can print you money passively, and they’re the kind you want to give special attention to because passive income is more sustainable and has a greater potential for exponential growth. 

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