Starting Over at 45 After Divorce: Your Brand New Life in 9 Hacks

Starting Over at 45 After Divorce

This blog post isn’t for you if you’re not looking to move forward and you’re not willing or hoping to do so anytime soon. 

But if you’re the complete opposite of this, then we’re on the same page.

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You’re 45. 

The truth is, you’re still too young to not start over or too young to not be able or willing to start over. 

I’m writing this article because I’ve been in a worse situation and the methods that helped me break through are what I’ll be sharing here. 

Maybe more. 

So, how can you start over at 45 after divorce? 

Here are 9 hacks that’ll work for you 97.4% of the time. 

Starting Over at 45 After Divorce: Your Brand New Life in 9 Hacks. 

1. Choose your path; see the light.

There’s life after divorce. 

There’s a lot you can still do and it’s not the end of the world. 

You have to choose your own path from here after divorce. 

I have an idea how difficult it can be especially if you’ve been in love for years and your marriage stood for ages. 

It can be really difficult and depressing. 

But there’s good news. 

And you’ve got to understand that there’s a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. 

So, starting over at 45 after divorce is something that’s challenging, but if you can choose your path from the very instant after divorce or weeks after you’ve divorced, it’s a first step to a brand new life.

How exactly can I choose my path?

Think deeply about the future and the possibility of a better life. 

It all starts from the mind. 

If you’re depressed in your mind, you’ll be depressed in your body. If you’re sick in your mind, your body’s gonna get a good chunk of that sickness. 

So, everything basically starts from your mind. 

And to choose your own path, you’ll need to think deeply about the good things you can do and everything you can still achieve even after you’re divorced. 

You’ll be thinking more and sobbing less. 

Or never. 

2. Workout a lot.

How does working out relate to starting over at 45 after divorce? 

Somehow, working out affects your confidence; it builds it. 

It also has a way of building your passion for success. 

If you’re starting out at 45, you’ll need to take control of your emotions. 

There’s absolutely no need to regret. 

It’s life. 

You can’t go back in time. Invest some time in the gym or get your own workout equipment for your home use

If you can’t afford any workout equipment, stick to long distance jogging. 

While working out helps rebuild your confidence and passion for achievement, it also keeps you in shape and invigorates your health. 

3. Get around with friends. 

When you divorce, don’t stay alone. 

Move out with friends and try to get your mind off things. 

It might work. 

It may not work if you fail to take your mind away from the past. 

However, consciously and intentionally stop thinking about the past regularly. 

Spend time with your friends; go shopping – go partying. 

You’ll be happier, and although the happiness will seem short-lived – it’ll have a long lasting effect in your heart. 

That bitter taste and feeling from getting a divorce will eventually phase. 

Not instantly. Eventually; with time. 

And the more you hang out with friends, the better. 

However, this is not an open invitation to pick up bad habits from the friends you keep. 

4. Plan your life out. 

Everything in life will work if you plan them out. If you don’t plan, then you already planned to fail. 

The truth is that you still have a long life and a lot of time to live until you’re 70. 

That’s 25 years. 

And these will be the best times of your life until your bones grow weaker with age

You can’t go back in time. 

You only live forward and when the time is gone, it is gone. 

Plan out your life. 

It’s one step to starting over at 45 after divorce, and it’s one step to making sure you have a better financial stance ahead in life. 

It’s not enough to heal. 

You have to be richer. 

So, will you further your education and get a PhD? 

If you already have one, what’s the next step and how else can you impact the world positively other than having a degree? 

Ask yourself questions in a bid to mapping out what kind of life you want to live from henceforth and what goals you want to meet each year as time wallows. 

5. Heal; love again. 

Starting over at 45 after divorce doesn’t mean all doors to loving and caring for someone else are closed. 


You’re allowed to love again. 

And that vacuum in your heart has to be covered. 

There’s a vacuum. 

Divorce leaves a void in your heart especially if you were deeply in love and you spent years together as married couples. 

Allow yourself to love again. 

But then, you have to be the right one if you must find the right one. 

Have your emotions in check and make sure you’re not emotionally immature before you fall in love with someone else. 

Give yourself time to heal. 

Stay away from love for at least 6 months before you give your heart the chance to try again. 

If you don’t, you might end up hurting someone else just because you’ve been hurt and you’re still injured. 

Heal with time, love again to perfect the healing. 

6. Write a book. 

If you’re good at writing, then you can write a book about something you’ve learnt from divorce, how to handle divorce or signs it might be the right time to get a divorce; or anything else that resonates around marriage or divorce. 

Writing a book puts your name out there as an authority, and this is a medium to generate passive income. 

You’ll be on your way to a shiny new life and career as an author, and you’ll be glad you went through divorce in the first place. 

This is double-faced; there’s the fame and then there’s money to take off the table from your book sales.

7. Create content around divorce online. 

You’re a resource already for those looking to divorce and those looking to handle or escape the realities of the aftermath of divorce. 

You know more than anyone looking to divorce their spouse right now, and that’s because you’ve been through it. 

You can put yourself out there as an authority in this space to those who are thinking about getting a divorce or those going through the divorce process. 

Create content online and help people out. 

You can also become a divorce consultant and make money off bookings from your clients. 

By creating content online and having a library of content around divorce and marriage, you’ll be able to give value to visitors or viewers online and monetize your content to make some money. 

8. Get a job. 

Clear your mind and make money. 

If you don’t have a job, get one and get to build your work circle as you get to meet new colleagues at work. 

Plus, getting a job is a medium to get paid or earn money and save up for futuristic opportunities. 

You also develop your ability to coexist and work with other people effectively. 

Aside from getting paid or making money from a day job, you also build your level of discipline and your attitude towards work. 

All of this will make it easy for you to set goals and meet them; make rules and keep to them. 

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9. Start a side hustle. 

Starting a side hustle is an integral part of starting over at 45 after divorce. 

This is essentially because you’ll need to have multiple streams of income in the long run. 

Building a side hustle also ensures you don’t waste your spare time and you don’t get idle a lot. 

Your spare time will be put to good use as you spend it building something that has the potential to generate tons of money for you (mostly passively). 

A side hustle I’ll recommend you start is one that is home-based and one that can generate passive income. 

It’s also got to be a side hustle that has a high income potential. 

Starting Over at 45 After Divorce: Your Brand New Life in 9 Hacks – Final Words. 

Starting over at 45 after divorce isn’t fun. Divorce in itself isn’t fun. 

Even if you were younger, it wouldn’t be fun. 

The good news is that you can move forward and these steps/methods will help you. 

In summary, if you want to start over at 45 after you divorced, you can start by seeing the light or choosing your path, working out a lot, going out with friends, planning, making attempt to find love again, writing a book, becoming an online figure for the divorce niche, getting a job, and starting a side hustle. 

But you’ll start by seeing the light and bigger picture; choosing your path and converting your pains and negative energy through your emotional dynamo into optimism and happiness. 

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