12 Best Jobs that Pay $5,000 a Week without a College Degree

Jobs that Pay $5,000 a Week without a College Degree

In search of the best jobs that pay $5,000 a week without a college degree? 

This blog post is probably the most realistic piece of content you can get that shares light on jobs like this. 

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They aren’t actual jobs and you’re your own boss here. 

These are self-employed jobs, and they give you the opportunity to live your dream life if you can put in the extra effort to go from $0 to $5k/week. 

In not saying you’re going to make $5,000 dollars the very moment you start with any of them, but if you’re patient and willing to learn and grow, you will.

Here are some of the self-employed jobs that pay $5,000 dollars a week without a degree. 

12 Best Jobs that Pay $5,000 a Week without a College Degree.

1. YouTube. 

YouTube is worth well over $180 billion dollars. Just 1% or 1% of this figure will change your life and the lives of those that’ll come after you. 

That’s about $18 million dollars. 

However, on YouTube you can make that much money (not the $180B but the $18 million). 

Running a YouTube channel is one of the best jobs that pay $5,000 a week without a degree, and you can make tons of money, millions, with enough consistency, creativity, and hard work. 

Open a YouTube channel free of charge and learn to create captivating YouTube videos. 

Also equip yourself with the basic knowledge of YouTube SEO to make your content pop-up on YouTube search and Google search. 

2. Affiliate marketing. 

If you’ve been looking for the best ways to make money on the internet, I’m sure you’ve probably heard about or read about affiliate marketing. 

It’s one of the best jobs that pay $5,000 a week without a degree, and yes you can bag $20,000 a month doing affiliate marketing from the comfort of your home. 

It’s absolutely free to learn about affiliate marketing, and it takes time to see good results – really good results. 

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting affiliate products and keeping the affiliate commission which is your reward for promoting the affiliate products. 

But you only get to earn commissions when people buy these affiliate products. 

3. House flipping. 

Flipping houses can happen on two fronts; you can buy houses and sell them as a homeowner or buyer who has enough capital to do so or you can buy houses on behalf of buyers and sell houses on behalf of sellers to make a commission. 

So, the first option is the better way to get into house flipping, and it’s the better way to get into any business – you need financial resources to push results in any space. 

Maybe you’re not going to get house flipping deals every week. 

But if you’re flipping just 1 property worth 6 figures in a month, you’d be making more than twenty grand in profit. 

4. Real estate agency. 

House agents make a lot of money, but you can transform this side hustle into a full-time self-employed job that pays $5,000 a week without a degree from college if you’re super experienced and you have a fat portfolio of clients. 

Hundreds of clients. 

Again, this takes time to achieve. 

And it naturally will take you some time to get clients to the point where you get deals as a result of referrals from satisfied clients. 

House agency is also not all that expensive to get into.

It’s one aspect of the real estate venture that you can start out with no capital

5. Blogging. 

Blogging usually takes a top spot in my money articles. 

But I’m making this an exception, and that’s because there are better self-employed jobs that pay $5,000 a week versus blogging. 

And I think they deserve the top spots above blogging. 

Although, not all of them can be as lucrative as blogging, they’re easier and take less time to mature compared to blogging. 

It takes years to get to $5,000 a week or $20,000 a month with a blog. 

On average, it takes years. 

If you can shell out money to scale the process by acquiring blog content from writing agencies, then it’ll take less time. 

Overall, blogging requires patience and if you don’t have it, you’re not going to get anywhere with a blog. 

So, to make $5,000 a week, patience, creativity and a mix of consistency is required. 

6. Online trading. 

Okay, so here’s the answer that you’ve probably been looking for; trading online is a quick fix to making money up to $20k a month. 

You can transform online trading from a side hobby or something you do to make money on the side into a self-employed job that pays $5,000 a week without a college degree. 

You don’t need to have a college degree to start trading the financial markets online. 

All that’s needed is skill and capital. 

It takes time to get the skill, but once you’re good at trading online, making money quickly can become a norm in your reality. 

Plus, you can make as much money as your trading capital can allow you to with lot sizes or market leverages

7. Fashion store. 

Starting a fashion store is an entrepreneurial venture, and you’ll need capital to start it. 

Whether you’re going big, standard or small with this business, the ROI can be pretty decent if you kick things off from the right location. 

The business location is everything, and then you can choose to launch your business in a grand style or on a small scale depending on how much capital is available to you. 

Launching a fashion store is definitely one of the jobs that pay $5,000 a week and even more (based on the size, location, and promotion strategy). 

8. Laundromat. 

A laundromat is quite an expensive business to start off, but you don’t need to have a college degree to launch something like this and it’s one venture that can generate passive income of up to $5k/week for you. 

It’s one of the self-employed jobs that can pay $5,000 a week, and you don’t need to run the business yourself. 

It’s not an office-oriented job; rather, you come off as an entrepreneur and the owner of the laundromat business – which makes it a self-employed/sole proprietorship money-making system

In launching a business like this, get the best location to start off from. 

The location of any business will positively or negatively affect its performance in the short or long run. 

9. Freelancing. 

Freelance writing is also one of the self-employed jobs that pay $5,000 a week without a college degree. 

If you’re good at something, you just need to hone your skills and look for freelance gigs online that matches your skill.

As a freelancer, you work for clients online. 

So, if your special skill is writing or coding, there are freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Craigslist that you can sign up on to find gigs. 

You get paid based on the nature of the freelance project. 

And mostly, you’ll be the one charging your clients. This is where your expertise counts. 

10. Podcasting. 

Podcasting is a medium of information dissemination and passive income creation. 

In simpler terms, you can pass messages through a podcast and still monetize it to generate passive income. 

You can create podcasts in both audio and video formats, but creating video podcasts or vodcasts are more fun, engaging and you stand the chance of reaching the hearts of more audience this way as they get to see your face and connect with you. 

You don’t need thousands of dollars to start making podcasts

Get to know how it’s done and choose a platform like YouTube to host your video podcasts on. 

11. Event planning. 

If you’re an extrovert (and not an ambivert like me), then event planning can become a self-employed job that can make $5,000 a week for you and even more. 

Get to know what you need to do to become an event planner and the best ways to market your services. Plus, event planning takes a lot of work. 

You’re not going to be working a lot, and you’ll need to have the contact details of artistes, chefs, interior designers or decorators, and a list of some of the most popular and well organized event halls/centers in the city (and maybe in the country if you want to render country-wide services). 

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12. Social media influencer. 

Working online as a social media influencer is definitely one of the best jobs that pay $5,000 a week without a college degree. 

You don’t need to go to Harvard to become a social media influencer. 

You really don’t. 

Plus, this is something that you can do from your home or from anywhere you’d like. 

It’s not an easy task to become a social media influencer, and it takes a lot of work.

When you’re there at the top and you have thousands of followers on multiple social media platforms, then you can monetize your fame to make money. 

Some of the best and most common ways to do this include selling your products to your followers, recommending affiliate products to them and posting sponsored content for advertisers. 

You can get paid more than $5,000 a week or $20k a month by doing this online; and this only works if you’re a social media influencer

12 Best Jobs that Pay $5,000 a Week without a College Degree – Final Words. 

In conclusion, some of the best jobs that pay $5,000 a week without a college degree include podcasting, event planning, social media influencer marketing and content monetization, freelancing, starting a laundromat, house flipping, blogging, affiliate marketing, real estate agency, online trading, fashion store, and launching a YouTube channel.

Once you get the grasp of things, regardless of what you get into, you’d be able to make up to or more than $5k per week. 

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